The day was October 22, 1943. A horrific experiment was conducted in the Philadelphia area of the United States state of Pennsylvania with the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Eldridge. The project is also known as Project Rainbow, more famously known as the Philadelphia Experiment.

USS Eldridge

The main purpose of the experiment was to keep that ship (USS Eldridge) out of sight. The information was based on the famous scientist Albert Einstein’s “UNIFIED FIELDtheory.

According to the theory, if light can be tied into a place (that means light cannot enter or leave a particular area), the gravitational force can be trapped in that place. This was only a theory. In reality, there was no practical proof of this theory. In the Philadelphia experiment, besides Einstein's Unified Field theory, the work of another scientist was used. That was the work of scientist Nikola Tesla’s “TESLA COIL.”

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On October 22, 1943, based on these two partial theories, the US Navy prepared for the test to make their Destroyer Eldridge disappear. Necessary equipment and powerful generators were placed around the ship so that they can trap the light. The test was partially successful. As a result, when the test was done, Eldridge disappeared. Green smoke covered the space where the ship was sitting initially.

After some time, the ship became visible again. Then scientists discovered some terrible results from that test. Some of the crew on that ship fell into illness both physically and mentally. It is heard that some ship crew died. The U.S. Government later decided not to continue this dangerous experiment anymore.

At the special request of the U.S. Navy, The U.S. Government decided to conduct the test again on 26 October 1943. Because for the first time, it was thought that there was a mistake in the arrangement of the instruments and the release of energy.

This time they did the experiment more carefully. As a result, when the test was repeated, Eldridge disappeared in the blink of an eye. But this time a more strange thing happened. Eldridge was seen disappearing in Philadelphia for 10-12 seconds. In the meantime, it was seen in the Norfolk area of Virginia.

But the strange thing is Norfolk (Norfolk is a waterfront city in southeastern Virginia) is 320 kilometers away from Philadelphia. After 10-12 seconds, Eldridge appeared again in its own place. But this time blue light is seen instead of green light when it disappeared.

Unfortunately, the second test was even more horrific. Of all the crew on the board, only a few were found. And many were found as mentally and physically disordered and ill. Someone's body was attached to the Ship’s hull. It is also heard that the ship traveled through time.


The biggest rumor in this experiment is that those who survived had the power to disappear. And they didn't remember anything about this experiment. The U.S. government later shut down the test.

Whatever this experiment was real or not, it is a myth. Many people still have discordance on this matter. The US Government dismissed it as an unrealistic incident. However, many believe that such a test was actually conducted and the US Government destroyed all evidence to cover up the experiment.

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