For a long time, there was this false idea that caffeine would produce many diseases in humans. But the benefits and advantages of coffee for the human body have been confirmed in different scientific studies worldwide.

Nowadays, many cardiologists recommend drinking coffee to their patients. It is crucial to know about the consumption and quality of coffee to reap the health benefits.

Coffee found in beans is generally much better than instant coffee. Instant coffee goes through an industrial process that includes preservatives that affect the natural and nutritional components. This should be taken into account when we are planning to take the advantages coffee offers. Coffee beans or ground coffee is of the highest quality since it maintains its natural components and does not have artificial or unusual extracts added to them. Caffeine helps the body wake up and activate the brain better, making the energy and vitality increase considerably.

Coffe is very good and beneficial for many things, since it can prevent many diseases and other types of cancer.

Coffee is also a beverage rich in antioxidants which are the same ones in charge of slowing down cellular aging due to its great and enormous capacity to neutralize damage or tiredness in the cells.

Drinking even decaffeinated coffee is associated and related to living in a better way, three cups of coffee is related to the fact that it can reduce by 10% the risk of death by heart disease, injuries, cerebrovascular problems, etc [1]

The coffee also protects and favorably helps people with their personal emotions, this means that the human brain cells in help with coffee, are the ones in charge to diminish the risks of being able to suffer Alzheimer or Parkinson. Coffee also plays a critical role in the human liver's functioning,since its different compounds and chemical properties present in coffee help reduce the risk of the appearance of abnormal hepatic enzymes in the liver. [2]

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Reasons why caffeine awakens the human body

The simple act of getting up in the morning is a great challenge for many people. Many people consider that there is only one solution to get strength and energy in the morning; starting the day with a cup of coffee is a great start. Caffeine is found in coffee and is added to numerous foods and beverages we daily ingest.

Caffeine is also responsible for providing to people a good dose of happiness. For many people, drinking coffee means having an energetic day whether it is a working day or a rest day.

Coffee can reduce liver cancer, is good for the heart and prevents Parkison's disease. 

When the human body does not let us know that we need energy to be able to perform an intense activity, “adenosine” is slowly released, which is the molecule that induces sleep and relaxation acting and performing its effect in the human body.

When caffeine reaches the human brain, it is installed in the same receptors as the adenosine molecule. There is also a myth which shows that caffeine provides energy to the human body on a natural way, but on the contrary, it prevents the brain from detecting that it needs to rest, which camouflages the fact of sleeping and may result into a dangerous situation.

Once the human organism gets used to any specific amount of caffeine, it manages to have much more receptors than the general ones in order to be able to locate the adenoside molecule.

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All people who sleep little tend to gain weight and have decreases in insulin. Many people say that when they wake up and try to recover lost sleep on the weekends they cannot repair the damage of a week of sleepless nights.

Although caffeine is present in the human body and has no effect by itself; it acts as a protective camouflaging cover on the human neuronal receptors. In the same way, although caffeine can be seen as a very beneficial substance that provides energy to the organism, it should also be taken into consideration that caffeine possesses and is attributed to districts of consequences and danger, since it is a substance that is socially and generally attributed with many benefits, it should not be forgotten that it is also an addictive substance that possesses its disadvantages.

Caffeine is responsible for accelerating the human heart rate and also the blood pressure that can create an inability in the brain to detect adenosine, which means that the body can generate insomnia.

On the other hand, it is known that if we get used to a fairly high intake and stop drinking coffee for a few day, we can start suffering from fatigue, irritability and some strong headaches due to not drinking any coffee at all.

Fortunately, it has been confirmed that these effects can disappear after a few days.

Although coffee has its own origins in Ethiopia and the Arabian Peninsula, it is one of the favorite beverages of the Western World and its consumption was mainly generalized in remote times related to Europe and America.

Its main compound is caffeine which is a psychoactive drug with important effects on the human nervous system being a main objective of numerous scientific studies around the world.

Coffee is not only a powerful stimulant that can have benefits and disadvantages, but it also has a special effect and can appear in the human body to have preventive effects in the appearance of different diseases such as: diabetes or some types of cancer, and for this reason it is widely  beneficial for health.