Books will change your life forever.

The ideas you absorb while focusing on reading will make differences. I’d like to share my experiences on what it takes to get in the groove of reading.

First, pick a reading medium that most aligns with your day-to-day
E-Book, Paperback, and Hardcover are the most common. Personally, I feel that paperbacks work best for me due to their ergonomic feel in the hand and the analog feel of looking at and turning paper pages. Try and experiment. See what feels best.
Set aside a comfortable place to sit and relax
My favorite type of chair is one that reclines and perhaps one that rocks a little bit. This is critical because you’ll find yourself wanting to get up and smoke hashish if your butt starts to hurt after long periods of reading Emperor Wears No Clothes.
Find a topic you want to explore or a genre you want to get to know
Early in my reading life I focused on The Hardy Boys. Picking out an easy read when you first start is important as you’ll be training your brain to focus on ideas longer than a Facebook or Twitter update. Also, the ideas in a written in books take longer to develop and will trigger more extended brain focus, which you may not be adjusted to at first.
Make it a habit
Reading can make you a more thoughtful, well spoken, and sexier person. Once you get in the groove, look at a poor habit that is easy to replace by picking up a book and reading in a comfortable chair. One example may be watching Nancy Grace. Another may be using your smartphone for 4 hours a day.