There is a big difference between the narcissistic personality and the pursuit of perfection despite the similarity of some traits between them. One of them is considered a major psychological disorder and it is one of the psychological diseases that are widely spread among individuals and the other is part of the human nature that has existed in a person since his existence, what is the difference between them, what are the symptoms, and why is one of them considered a disease The other is part of a human nature and it is also somewhat healthy.

Philosophy of Logic
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The difference between the narcissistic personality and the perfectionist personality

The difference between them is great despite the similar symptoms

The narcissistic personality

It is a great interest in the self and admiration for it, especially admiration for the external body of a person, where the owner of this personality feels that he is perfect and there is never anyone like him and feels that there is no person in the world who bears his characteristics or the shape of his body.

  • Where did the term narcissism come from?

The term narcissism came from an ancient Greek myth, and it says that there is a person named Narcissus, who is the son of the god Kifissia and the nymph Liriope. He was a person of great beauty and attracted the attention. The gods, humans and gorillas liked his appearance so much that he had a feeling that he was a unique person, so he became so conceited that he ignored those he loved.

One day while he was playing with his friends was lost in the forest, he reached a lake with water, and he drank from it,When he finished, he noticed a person looking at him from under the water, and he was very beautiful, so Narcissus was very impressed with this person (he did not know that he saw the reflection of his image on the water) and whenever he smiles this person starts to smile.

On the same night, when he went to his bed, he could not sleep because of the intensity of his thinking about this character that he saw in the lake, so he returned to the lake again in the morning and looked again at the surface of the lake and was very impressed with himself and stayed like that until he died.

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Demonic Posession or Science?
More than 3% of the world’s population suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, a number greater than the people suffering from Schizophrenia. However, due to superstition and various other reasons, the symptoms of this disorder are often wrongly believed as supernatual possession.

The legend says that Narcissus, who died on the lake, turned into a flower and was called the Narcissus flower, hence the word narcissism. [1]

  • The qualities that characterize the narcissistic personality

The person feels that he is the best, and no one like him at all, this person feels that he is always right and this leads to racism in thought and opinion, selfishness and self-love, arrogance and arrogance, lack of emotion.
But a person with such traits does not have to be a narcissist.

  • The reasons

There are multiple reasons for the emergence of narcissistic personality and they vary from social factors and genetic factors.

Social factors

It is represented in the excessive love of the person by those around him, and his obtaining excessive praise and praise from his parents or his teachers or any person in the community during his childhood, excessive pampering by the parents.

Some emotional trauma and some childhood trauma, such as being sexually, physically and verbally abusing him.

Social exclusion
Humans are very social beings and they depend on each other they build connection and learn in groups they share their experiences to maintain their health and well-being.

Genetic factors

That the family has a history of this disorder.

  • What is the negative impact on those who carry the narcissistic personality?

This psychological disorder in the personality that affects the life of this person negatively, he may lose his friends because of his lack of affection and thus also he cannot marry, and if he gets married, he will break his wife's heart thousands of times.

  • Is there a cure for narcissistic personality disorder?

There are no medications to treat the disorder, psychological treatment begins with the person himself and changing some of his thoughts in order to succeed in getting rid of the mental disorder.

In this article we mentioned many information about the narcissistic personality and its effects on the person himself, where he loses all his emotions little by little and many people lose, but what is the difference between him and "the pursuit of perfection"

The pursuit of perfection

All human beings on earth strive to be the best, which is a wonderful characteristic because it invites its owners to work hard in order to outperform the rest of his colleagues at work or at the university and to be healthy when it does not affect a person's relationships with his competitors or anyone else.

  • What is the meaning of perfection?

It is a complete attribute that does not lack anything and does not need anyone or anything, and it is qualities that only the machine can attribute, and no one can ever reach such a rank.

  • Is the pursuit of perfection a healthy trait?

It is healthy when a person knows that reaching perfection is impossible, but he tries to be the best in his field of work in order to excel over his colleagues, that the pursuit of perfection is present in the soul of every human being, so all human beings seek to be the best and it is desirable in religions, but on the condition that they do not reach vanity Or to arrogance.

In Islam, one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad says: "Work after your death as if you would die the next day, and work for your life as if you will live forever."

From this text we find a call to strive towards being the best in your life, but without any negative impact on yourself or society.

Learning to Say “NO”
Knowing to say “no” means you love yourself, and you respect your own opinions regardless of what other people may say.
  • What are the negative effects of striving for perfection?

There are many negative effects of striving for perfection:

1- The pursuit of perfection may lead to psychological disorders such as narcissism.

2- The pursuit of perfection makes you lose the sense of enjoying life: because when a person fails in anything during his journey towards perfection, he suffers from anxiety, tension, depression and may lead to suicide

3- The suffering in establishing a long-term relationship because of the many thinking about how to be the best

4- Keep your failures to yourself, so do not reveal them to the people close to him that we think that he is the only person who makes mistakes. All people make mistakes, so there is no need to worry!

The pursuit of perfection is present in the personality of every human being, no one can get rid of it, but if you invest this trait in your favor and in the right way, then there are many good relationships and you will enjoy what you do in your day, making your life more beautiful and enjoyable.

In this article we have explained the difference between narcissistic personality and the pursuit of perfection, and we have shown the negative effects of each of the two characteristics. I hope that you like the article.

Thanks for reading!


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