In Ireland there existed an soviet for 12 days after a worker strike against poor working conditions and British Militarism. The catalyst was the death of Robert Byrne in a British controlled Hospital. The inquest found that Robert Byrne had been shot dead at point blank range. This was all taking place during the beginning of the Irish War for Independence.

What happened first was workers strike by ITGWU workers in the Cleeve's factory which was voted on Saturday 12 of April which later turned into a general strike called by the the United Trades and Labour Council. This caused the entire Limerick county to become run entirely by the workers. Not one private property owner could make their own decisions. They had to abide by the soviet committee or pragmatic action was taken against tthem. Keep in mind this only lasted 12 days.

Member's of the Limerick Soviet

They had lofty goals in mind and wanted to show the world what a world what Irish worker's could do without being run by a central authority. In the "Worker's Bulletin" during the strike they announced:

"A new and perfect system of organisation has been worked out by a clever and gifted mind, and ere long we shall show the world what Irish workers are capable of doing when left to their own resources."

They printed their own money as well:

With good intentions and the nonviolence they practiced it is a shining example for those who want to control private property. Which they succeeded in doing for 12 days.

What took down the Limerick soviet was the Church going against it as well as negotiating by Phons O'Mara to get the worker's their demands.