Written by a New Author

Everyday I'm chasing my dreams/goals even when I'm going through good/bad times. In life, you can never give up. Giving up is one of my main weaknesses. Make sure you love yourself and always take care of yourself. Also make sure to have fun because you never know when that fun will be over. We only live once so make the best out of it while you are here. If you have anxiety/depression just start meditating and take deep breaths and try to erase all negative thoughts and fill it with stuff you love or want to do in the future or maybe listen to music/favorite songs or maybe take a walk outside. Always remember that nobody is perfect in this world. We all go/went through things to either make us stronger or be more aware of things. Look at problems as a life lesson and focus on what's actually better for you.

Take deep breaths, and dream on.