Jeffrey Epstein was a multimillion-dollar paedophile who claimed his life last month in August after being found guilty about the handling of a child trafficking network known as "Lolita Express".Jeffrey Epstein was also accused of sexual abuse of minors within all of his lavish residences in Nueya York, Manhattan and Palm Peach.

There are many sources that claim that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself, but was amid those who feared that their names were said and came to light after the relationship they were bringing with the billionaire and his dreaded network of trafficking against minors.
Much of this information was detailed by a group of hackers ,"Anonymous" who in case had already claimed as a fact that Jeffrey Epstein, was killed so that he did not reveal all the information he knew.

Jeffrey Epstein was questioned and considered one of the most money-money pederastas in the United States but, because it is always unclear and certainly certain of the figures of all his fortune, since upon his death, the U.S. police had begun an investigation to have knowledge of where all this little money came from. , which is estimated to have exceeded nine figures.

According to the information was revealed by the LA Times at the time of Jeffrey Epstein's death, it was held that the entrepreneur made his fortune by creating an exclusive firm with financial purposes, where those who were admitted as clients were all those who were also billionaires. He was recognized at Dalton College in Manhattan and taught calculus and physical.

It is not known so far how much money he made through the signing of financial management, but if of one thing we are sure is that much of his assets come from the profits obtained in his network of trafficking in minors.One of the minors said a few words that I would have wanted to say to Jeffrey Epstein, Michelle Licata says, "You don't remember me because there were thousands like me, but I'll remember you for the rest of my life."

New York financier Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in August 2019 in the cell where he was on hold for trial of "sexual trafficking and conspiracy charges".

  • Jeffrey Epstein, was a friend of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton accused of trafficking and sexual abuse of minors.
    Michelle Licata is one of the many female victims involved in Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich which is a Netflix documentary series released in order to unmask the atrocities that Jeffrey Epstein committed, this documentary are among the most watched programs of the entire content platform.

The documentary series about Jeffrey Epstein features four episodes directed by Lisa Bryant where there is an account of all the allegations against Epstein where the victims are all the protagonists and are protesting and demonstrating against the network of power and money that protected Jeffrey Epstein for decades.

The Most Vulnerable Women

"There were so many things that had to be said and that they would never be said... There's no justice in this," explains in the last episode Shawna Rivera, which is one of many of the victims Jeffrey Epstein abused. Shawna Rivera reports being victims of sexual abuse by Epstein at the age of 14.

Shawna Rivera's childhood was not easy as her mother was a drug addict and her father had gone into jail when she was 3 years old and had come out when she was 10.

"My father had a girlfriend who had his own children, children who had clearly been abused before. Shortly after me, my dad and his girlfriend beat her 8-year-old son and killed him. In front of me," he explained.

Shawna Rivera ran away from home and spent two years in shelters and temporary homes until her grandmother got full custody of her and that's when she met Epstein.
Shawna recounts her friend telling her to accompany her to a man's house in Palm Beach, just across a bridge from West Palm Beach, where they lived. The difference between Florida's 2 locations is impressive, Palm Beach is one of the most luxurious places in the United States, where there are too many mansions everywhere, yachts and apartments with extreme privacy.

In its other hand, West Palm Beach is a much more humble city, with many lower-middle-class neighborhoods where many of the girls who visited Epstein's mansion proceeded.

Jeffrey Epstein was so rich he had an island called Little St. James

Shawna Rivera's testimony of what happened when she arrived at the luxurious home is all too similar to that of many other young women who first appear before the cameras and who counted as Epstein paid them 200 dollars for each 45-minute massage.
Most of the stories range from the time the massage disillusioned sexual acts, in some cases, Epstein satisfied it but did not touch the girls, in others, there are reports of serious rapes of minors.

Many sources indicate that many young men were received at Epstein's mansion by Ghislaine Maxwell, which was Jeffrey's former partner, whom all abused whistleblowers target as a conspirator and even sometimes involved in the abuses.

Maxwell, who is the daughter of the late British media mogul Robert Maxwell, flatly denies any participation or knowledge of the facts that are claimed by Epstein's victims.

All minors who came into contact with Jeffrey Epstein, whether at The Palm Beach home or other homes, confirm that at least the first meeting was of their own free will.
They claim that money was a great incentive to pay off debts, expenses, or to save enough to change life. Epstein even offered to pay some studies.

Kathryn Stamoulis, who is a psychologist specializing in sexual trauma victim, says the series fits perfectly into the figure of the sexual predator."The predator needs to detect a victim who is vulnerable, with monetary problems or sexual trauma," he says.

On one occasion, as a birthday present to Jeffrey Epstein, he received "three 12-year-old French girls" from France so that he could sexually abuse them. The next day he put them on a plane and returned them to the parents. Virginia Giuffre was a minor when she began having contacts with Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell. They promised him jobs as Mr. Epstein's masseuse, without the consent of what awaited him.

Prince Andres, who is not well noted in the Netlflix Documentary on Jeffrey Epstein, admit to having seen him accompanied by "young girls" on the small island Saint James, which is owned by Epstein, also known as "the island of pedophiles".

The New York prosecutor's office has asked to question the son of Queen Elizabeth II in regard to the paedophilia network.

What the 4 chapters of this documentary count on netflix are only a small part of what could have been decades and millions of abuses by this paedophile, but also the relationship of our society with money, the mafia and power. Jeffrey Epstein's trajectory is full of illegality and abuse.

Jeffrey Epstein's social life was not greatly affected by his conviction for sexual offences. "As soon as he got out of jail on parole in 2010, Jeffrey Epstein traveled to New York and the first thing he did was throw a party attended by many well-known people, a lot of people were presented at his house: Prince Andres, Woody Allen, although everyone already knew of this and dsabian that he had abused many younger girls , people are still related to it" explain in the documentary several of the researchers who were part of the investigation against Epstein.

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