This is a story of the new Iraqi generations leading a revolution for freedom, equality and a better future after years of injustice and destruction.

Most of Iraq's new generations is entirely different minded than generations before, and I'm talking about the majority of youths that was born between 1990-2003 in Iraq. those who are ready to make all the difference. those young men and women who's their generation gained the title "the Pubg generation" by their parents and the older ones to signify them as just a lazy young people who spend their full time on video gaming and internet, but inside each and every one of those who belonged to the "pubg generation" there was a strange flame that is waiting for the right time to blow, growing up with the internet and social media allowed them to see how other nations is living, and they all wanted to live the same, in peace and harmony with everyone regardless of the religion and faiths. I am proudly one of this generation, I was born in the year 2000 and all i can say about the life I lived is that it can be very very different than the life you lived if you were not an Iraqi.

Because I and all of my generation grew up under the rule of a corrupted, disloyal, and thieving government. a government who promoted violence and hatred between it's own people,  leading to a civil war between two sides that shares the same country and religion, the SUNNI-SHIIA civil war, a government which planted hate between them just to ensue that their reign will last forever, this civil war was one of the worse things that we have ever seen, especially for the sunnis who lived in shiia territories and vice versa. with so many terrorist bombing carried out by Iran-backed militias and Saudi-backed militias, it was bloody by all means.

left:sunni militants, right:shiia militants

So this new generation, and after experiencing all the horrible thing that happened during that war which lasted from 2006-2009, unexpectedly has the seed of freedom planted into the hearts and minds of every single one of them, and they all shared the dream of bringing back Iraq to the true Iraqi hands, The dream of free a Iraq, united, and powerful human rights respecting Iraq, A country that makes up a mind without any intervene from the eastern neighbor (Iran) or the western one (Saudi Arabia). a generation that saw that living under the rule of a  government that cannot provide even the simplest means of living, a government that couldn't build a strong army and simply retreated when ISIS stroke, simply giving up almost 65% of Iraq's total territory, leaving all those areas population to meet their destiny, in that 65% of ISIS controlled areas.

Years after, Iraq was officially liberated and all the lands returned under its the flag, BUT. this was only achieved by Iraqi's standing together, most of who joined the military efforts of liberation were no more than 30 years old. members of the "pubg generation" of all over Iraq with different religions, faiths and ideologies, they were all united for the first time ever! and that was the seed to all that will come.

In 2018 a major health issue started to rise in Basra, and that year changed Everything. After more than 100 thousand of poisoning cases and tens of deaths due to governmental negligence and the increase of salinity in "shat al-Arab" the essential water source of the city, and while children and elders were dying daily due to poisonous water. then fishes started to flew dead on the shores of Basra rivers making Basra loses one of the most important food sources.

Al-Ashar river which connects directly to Shat Al-arab
A fisher from Basra with a bile of dead fish in the river

An uprising has started. Finally the Iraqi people of Basra city stood up and said "NO" with a high voice, at first the demands were very simple. "all we is only want water", so they started gathering near the governmental complex in Basra, Shouting and peacefully demanding their rights of only simple needs.

A sign raised by a protester shows the basic demands: electricity, water, and a bread.

BUT, the government had another say into the situation, the peaceful protesters were answered with bullets and death, with assassinations and kidnaps made by the Iranian backed militias, the protesters never gave up, and it was time for the demands to escalate after all the suppression made by the government, we (the protesters) suffered. while protesting in daylight we were cruelly shot and killed by law forces, and when we go back to our homes we were being assassinated and kidnapped by local militias that controls and benefits from the corrupt government. we stood alone with all Iraq watching ! and it was time for the demands to escalate after all the suppression made by the government and its militias.

A new demands were made, and we all thought that our dream of liberty and justice will be accomplished, we demanded a free secular Iraq not controlled by Iran and its militias, we demanded a new independent president, and with the us being killed more cruelly, and with the suppression goes larger too, with those of us who had lead roles and high voices were assassinated inside their houses, we had to act. with big fury the protesters knew their true enemy, the Iranian backed parties and militias the ones who controls all the country and caused all the destruction. so they started burning every headquarter of a corrupt party in Basra Which cost them many many lives by those militias bullets. fury raised ending with burning the Iranian consulate itself.