This world is so noisy. Every day we wake up to a new batch of World News (North East West South). Propagated by talking points coming from the top down. You must learn how to focus your dreams into action.

Find truthful, trusted sources of information and focus. How to?

Your age plays a huge factor on where you should be focusing your energy in a
noisy world. And then, market trends play a humongous factor on how your focus will pay off.

Focusing your energy for future profit can be scary when young, but quite easy.

Personally, I prefer to absorb information by reading. When I am just starting to get a new interest reading always provides me the most vocabulary and overall context of a subject.

As a young man it can be hard to sit on a chair for long periods of time, and I would be distracted by 'noisy' video games which keeps me more active while sitting. If you find you can not sit and read comfortably you have a chemical imbalance resulting from bad habits. Solve your bad habits first, then you can focus without problem.

Learn from those you trust, ask them questions, be curious. And acquire the best skills.