No doubts we always hear, read or study about great civilizations and learn about how they gifted the world undeniable knowledge that helped in forming the shape of the world now, and if it wasn't for these civilizations our lives would be very different today, but at some point, some events helped or was the main reason in the fall of these civilizations making the searcher after them wonder how come such a great community ended up being as if it never was there- And leaving us just with relics that tell us about their best times.

Why would a “once was a great community” fall, these are the main factors?

If we memories every story that was told to us, our lessons in the history classes, a certain causes will come to our minds such as diseases, the “Internal Conflict” followed by invasions, climate change,lack of resources, the weaknesses of the higher commands, and poorly managed irrigation system  which affected the harvest and then lead to a shortage in the food -a main deal in building a civilization is the water resources as if we check out any map we will see the human cities are gathering along with the water resources and we also will notice a decrease in the human forms if the water resources are low- as the basic need won’t be fed this will cause  anger of the people and they will rebel against the government, the of  the thing about these factors that they come in must of the cases as a one but as series of event leading to a major loses for the “target” community and then a disability to recover to its old self and that is when this community can’t have a chance to rebuild as the higher commands are poorly managing the system and have already lost the hold of the situation  and in the long term there will be nothing left to save.

to be more specific diseases, lack of resources, conflicts, and the poor management can’t wipe out a whole civilization this simple, they can be treated at some point but not if followed in weaknesses in the protecting forces and for sure invasions by enemies for the power, profits, and to expand on the account of the occupied areas.

There is a strategy that the occupying forces follow to make sure they have their claws cliched to the occupied city. They start to settle around the target lands to increase the chance of a successful invasion to win the areas and to confirm their stay, after settling they spread their culture by replacing every possible form of the original civilization and they remove everything that could get in their way such as people who refuse the new changes.

The fall of the greatest civilizations:

These civilizations are the best example of being a victim for these factors,

Akkad and Sumer  2300 BC to 2100 BC:

Akkadian Empire

Ancient Mesopotamia was rich with civilization forms as many empires ruled over these lands and took each other's place as they fell.
The first forms of civilization were Sumer and Akkad. Sumer was first but then replaced by Akkad. As southern Mesopotamia was under the rule of the Sumerians, northern Mesopotamia was under the hold of the Akkadians. They fought against each other but the situation was changed because of  “Sargon of Akkad” as he brought the rule of both sides under one command and that was the first to happen in Mesopotamia, their rule lasted for 200 years.

But what happened?.

Akkad collapsed after 180 it’s founding this put the empire under dark ages, the great empire was extremely weakened, there is a time for attempts by “Shu-Durul” to restore the life to the empire but he couldn’t stop the attacks of the barbarians people who were called Gutians from Zagros mountains.
Gutian period was a fatal phase for the empire and it was the worst as they didn’t show many concerts in the agriculture and they were releasing the farm animals around lands and this brought the famine this lead to a decrease in the number of the population and this ended one of the most important empires, however, Sumerian thought that the ruler Naram-sin who is known with his pride called himself a ”living god” and this brought God anger on this lands, and it's known as the “curse of Akkad”.

Islamic Golden Age (750 AD - 1257 AD):

The Golden age of Baghdad the Capital of the Islamic world

One of the greatest civilizations of all time in human history as it was the first universal civilization because of its variety in a lot of sides and it’s undeniable contributions to science and the world. This rich period began with Abbasid Caliphate which ruled the Islamic world and its culture center was Baghdad, This phase was called the golden age for obvious reasons as it reached full potentials in so many patterns and one of the most highly praised things was the science, It said that Al-ma’mun ( the seventh Abbasid caliph) was encouraging the scholars and translators by giving them gold for the weight of their works (books), this to add them to the “House of Wisdom” -also known as the Grand Library in Baghdad, it contains the books of different sciences and also translated books- and keeping them to the next generations. And this is just a little look at this great time.
But they didn’t have a happy ending, it ended with the Mongol invasion of Baghdad in 1258 after a siege that lasted for 13 days, Mongols just did what they are famous for so they can expand, once the great city falls the Mongols dealt with horrifying violence, the people were either killed or sold to slavery,  The River Tigris runs red from the bloodshed, and the house of wisdom was burned like any other place in Baghdad and the books were thrown into the river-it even says that the river turned from red to black because of the ink of the books!! This ended one of the best times in history.

what they did is a clear action- To destroy a civilization it will take just destroying the most thing they treasure their culture and taking away their identity to make sure they have the full control over them, it still happening to this day but in different ways and under new names, this can show us that some humans just can’t live in peace.

Are we different today? No! if the ancient people suffered from dangers on their civilizations level, well human nowadays working on their destruction on the planet level, what is meant by this the factors that can end a whole race are here and they are clear as the sun, we are taking the right of the next generations to live in an appropriate environment for human development.

Diseases are here, Internal Conflict still exist in most of the parts of the world, invasions happen under new names, and climate change is real, world hunger is not ended till now, and not to forget the nuclear weapons that are owned by some countries -just in case they wanted to wipe out another country- is just show that humans are the real problem and always have been.