Being trapped between four walls due to the quarantine policy adapted by most governments all over the world can be difficult for a lot of people, especially to outdoor lovers and those who didn’t use to stay at home for several hours in a row.

The emotional and mental effect of this lockdown stroke a high percentage of the world’s population, causing them anxiety, depression and sadness; therefore negativity. In this article I will share with you five tips that can keep you on positivity track during this crisis.

1) Manage your time

The most important thing is to manage your time and set a suitable schedule that can help fulfill your goal, which is positivity. Once you’ve decided about your schedule you must be committed to it, try your best to avoid cancelling or delaying activities for you to stay passionate and motivated. Everyone has his own way when it comes to time management, just be sure wake up early, therefore; seizing the day. Besides sleeping early at night and avoiding staying late will give your body the strength it needs during the day.

Managing your time is your key to success

2) Exercise

If want to keep your body shape and maintain both the physical and mental strength you must exercise. Whether you are an athlete or you just want to stay active and energetic; there are plenty of YouTube channels and Smartphone apps that can help you with your exercising program. Many prefer to start exercising early because of the fresh air and body’s energy, and it’s the best time for Yoga lovers. One important thing that goes alongside with exercising is to make sure you follow a healthy diet.

Daily exercise will give the mental and physical strengh you needA
A Great Youtube channel for exercising program 

3) Clean, clear and stay tidy

Cleaning and maintaining both personal and public hygiene is essential. You can start by keeping everything in your room clean and well organized, or maybe you have a messy garage, so this is the perfect time to get it in order, you can donate or disposal things that you no longer need to make more room and gain space for what you really need.

Also participating with local association in cleaning your neighborhood or your town will make you feel productive and keep away from laziness.

4) Work on your talents and skills

Everyone has a talent or a skill that needs to worked on, this is the perfect time for you if you want to develop, improve or even obtain a new skill. You paint, write, learn a new language. Use your time in creating new decoration in your house or maybe repaint the walls. Doing something creative and original will give the positive spirit you need to overcome quarantine difficulties.

Develop and take your skills to the next level

5) Read

Nothing can keep positivity within you more than reading. Gaining new knowledge is the best way to keep your thinking and reasoning going, it will help you invest your free time positively. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a novel, a short story, or a history book, what matters is to read. Set a goal of reading at least one book during this lockdown, it’s preferred to read a paper book rather than electronic one; in order to avoid boredom and to stay away from social media.

reading is the healer of the soul

In the end, it remains a matter of personal choice whether you be positive or negative in this critical period, just imagine how your life will change to the better if you decided to be positive, at the end of the path you’ll get rewarded by a better version of yourself.