Many scientists provided great service to science, especially Albert Einstein, who was a major turning point in the history and future of science, and Nikola Tesla, who changed the way scientists think about electric energy, and we still benefit from what he did and reached from science.

But the person I will talk about in my article, in my opinion, is distinguished from his predecessors, and this is due to his widespread fame at the present time and his many achievements in the fields of science, technology and space, which is Elon. Musk is the fourth richest person in the world, founder of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX.

We all know that time flows in space differently than earth.
We all know that time flows in space differently than earth. Have we ever thought why or how?

Elon Musk

Born in Canada in 1971, he is a Canadian investor, inventor and businessman, founder of the most famous company in space science, SpaceX, and also the founder of Tesla Electric Vehicles. He had many achievements in the service of science, especially renewable energy and space sciences. Several weeks ago, he became the fourth richest man in the world after That Tesla's stock price surge.

Elon Musk achieved many economic achievements as well, as he contributed to the establishment of Paypal for cash trading, and his achievements varied between scientific and economic

Musk is considered one of the most influential people in the world on science, so it is the greatest patron of science. He became one of the wealthiest businessmen, but invested his money in science, space exploration, science and renewable energy.

The intelligence of Elon Musk began to appear since the beginning of his life, when he was a lot of contemplation and thinking, and his intelligence appeared greatly in front of his acquaintances and colleagues. When he was reading books, he read all the books in the library near his home and acquired knowledge from them, but he was not satisfied with that. Skills and information.

The Effect of Building design on Human Comfort
The building and its shape have a great impact on human comfort and this effect includes the color of the buildings, their internal shape, the presence of trees, plants, etc.

The beginning of his career

In fact, his life began when he was young when he went to the market and saw the computer for the first time, so he asked his father to buy him this device, so he bought him because his storage memory did not. It exceeded 5 kilobytes, so he started learning the programming language for the computer and then he designed the first electronic game, which was a battle in space against spacecraft that launch hydrogen, and the game sold for about $ 600, and from that after the moment, he started making money because of his sharp intelligence.

Al-Musk began thinking seriously about making projects, including:

  • zip2

The first project was zip2, which was used in Internet services and was in partnership with his brother Kimble Musk, the global link information network, which was found to design websites where Musk sold the company and his share of it $ 22 million, and from that moment on he became rich.

3D Printing Technology
The human race has created many tools that made his life easier and more enjoyable, so he invented 2D printing that made writing easier and his thinking did not stop to this extent, as he invented 3D printing, which we will learn about it and its history.

Elon Musk thought of making financial matters easier without the need to go to the banks, as the company was built with a value of 10 million and his share of the sale of Zip2.

When Max Evchen and his partner Peter Thiel started making the first electronic payment method on the Internet, so that people could get rid of bank crises, and transactions were easier, but what is the relationship of Elon Musk to this project?!

  • PayPal

Well, Elon Musk had a huge impact on this company, investing in it and establishing a partnership with it after building his project, which ran into a lot of problems, so Elon Musk became the CEO of the company. He saw in the company that it would succeed and spread and reach the world, so he co-founded it, but soon after PayPal was sold to eBay, and Elon Musk acquired a $ 165 million stake in the company.

Do you think Elon Musk paused after getting 165 million from his PayPal stake? He invested it in something more valuable to accomplish the thing he always dreamed of when he was young? The tech genius's accomplishments didn't end there. He has many, many achievements, especially the scientific achievements that he went through in many dangers and failures that Elon Musk did not give in to reach his ambitions.

Wait for us in the second part of the article "Elon Musk, is he the sponsor of science in the 21century?"

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