It is a large water lake located between Jordan and Palestine, southwest of the Jordanian capital, Amman, about 70 km . The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world on land, as it is located 400 meters below sea level. It was named by this name because there is no sign of life in its waters (no fish, algae, or even coral reefs), due to the very high level of salinity.

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Jerusalem (The Holy Land)
Jerusalem is considered one of the most important historical and religious cities in the world. It is regarded as an important spiritual capital for all monotheistic religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism).

The salinity of its surface is about five times that of the oceans, and this value varies depending on the depth   [1]

The Dead Sea is a strong tourist destination in Jordan, as people come to enjoy the beauty of the place in addition to the features that are not found in the other seas of the world.

For example: Even if you cannot swim, you are there, you will be able to do that due to the percentage of salinity in the water, which increases the density of the water. All you have to do is enter the water and relax after that, the water will take care of making you float.


What increases the popularity of people to this tourist and natural site is the huge number of hotels and various resorts near the sea. These resorts vary from cheap to medium to very luxurious and receive kings and heads of state of the world and many famous and rich people.

Medical Tourism

The Dead Sea is the first place in the Middle East for medical tourism
This is due to the clay that contains strong substances and salts that help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and scabies.
It also has many natural hot springs on its sides that treat orthopedic and joint diseases such as rheumatism.


Economic resources

The Dead Sea is a very huge economic resource, as Jordan extracts potassium salts that are exported to many countries of the world and important materials through which fertilizers are manufactured.

The Pink City (Petra)
In the heart of the Jordanian desert and among the rocky mountains, there was a pink city it remained hidden for centuries, and when it appeared, it became one of the seven wonders of the world.

The death of the Dead Sea

Despite the aesthetic and economic wealth provided by the Dead Sea, it suffers from a real danger, which is a complete drought
Of course, the Dead Sea derives its water mainly from the Jordan River, and some water and canals are from the high valleys from which the springs flow.

However, this has changed since the Israeli occupation of Palestine, when Israel withdraws water from the Jordan River in an unorganized and responsible manner to irrigate its farms


These actions have caused major disagreements between the two countries for decades, because continuing to withdraw water means a decrease in the supply of water to the Dead Sea, and thus a decrease in the water level, and because of the dryness and heat in the summer and the weak rainy seasons in recent decades, this has caused an alarming reduction in the size of the Dead Sea.

Will the Dead Sea survive the drought?

The Jordanian state was alerted to the danger of receding sea water, and with the arrival of negotiations with the Israeli side to a dead end, many ideas were put forward to save the sea.

The best ones have been approved
Bahrain Vector project

It is a project whose idea is summarized by digging a water canal from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea to supply it with water


However, the project is going through a major stalling, shortage of funding due to the state’s poor economic situation and its high cost, and Israel avoids contributing to paying part of the costs, as it is the main cause of the problem.

Areas close to the Dead Sea you have to visit

It is the Wadi Mujib region, which is a series of waterways and picturesque valleys that end in the Dead Sea
If you go to it accompanied by a tour guide who will take you on this path backwards up into corridors of giant colored rock and valleys carved due to the passage of water over millions of years, you will enjoy the transmission of your voice within valleys for long distances as well as you will enjoy climbing waterfalls by ropes accompanied by professional experts
By the end of the day, you will reach the end of this path without feeling tired. You will reach the Wadi Mujib dam, from which you will see the sea on the horizon with a wonderful and wonderful view that you will not forget in your life
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