Dancing, more than a hobby, a sport, a practice to maintain people active and busy, is a lifestyle.  There are thousands of people around the world who dedicate many hours of the week to this amazing art. Dancing is a great help to maintain the body, the brain and the heart in a great and healthy condition.

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Have you ever asked yourself why dancers are always smiling?

If so, and you did not find an answer before, do not worry! Today you will find it. Dancing is an easy way to make your heart brighten; the rhythm of the music does body, mind and soul have a connection among them, so they become one, coordinating them to follow the music in order to complete a routine or just to keep up with the dance partner. This is the reason why through dancing people have a better self-esteem getting a great connection with themselves and with people around them while they are dancing, and also to release tension from both body and mind.

Dancing makes you more creative!

Through dancing the central nervous system is being stimulated and the brain activity as well; so it keeps the brain active searching for new ways to connect the music sounds with the body movements. Maybe, it happened to you before or maybe you saw this reaction in someone else before, sometimes while you are sitting in a chair or doing other stuffs and suddenly you listen to a melody that you like, your body starts moving by itself and you just want to keep up the rhythm; this is because dancing stimulates the brain; remember the brain is the one who sends the information to your body in order to do the activities you always do.

Well, dancing is not just fantastic for your emotions and your mind; also it is fantastic for your body. While you are dancing, no matters the rhythm you choose, your lung and heart capacity improves because your body is in a constantly movement which tones the muscles too and it turns into make you lose weight since the movement releases heat in your body and of course sweating too.

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That is why dancers are happy! Because through dancing they are expressing their emotions, their feelings without saying any word, is just the body the one who talks, the one who shows how they feel and of course it sends those feelings to the people that are watching them. When you dance you are completely involved by the dance hall, connecting your emotions with the ones are in front of you and you just let the rhythm get you carried away as well the exciting feeling of all the eyes on you; it makes them feel inspired to do the same or just to feel good without any reason.

Being a professional dancer

Like any other activity, dancing as a professional major or like a lifestyle needs a lot of dedication, effort and a lot of hours of practice. In order to make a good show, a professional dancer has to dedicate at least 4 daily hours to the routine, since physical preparation until creating and developing the choreography or the steps related with the rhythm of the music. Though a dancer tends to be a perfectionist person, he/she will try that every step, every movement will be faultless, even almost perfect and so connected with the sound of the song too. Therefore, dancers make a hard work dedicating many hours, even months to achieve the goal which is no easy at all; otherwise, becoming in a professional dancer involves leaving behind family meetings, hanging out with friends, having romantic dates and just to dedicate the time on practices because this is a limited possibilities’ world so dancers need to do extra efforts to highlight their qualities and to stand out from the rest. However dancers need to be humble and respectful all the time with their partners and their teachers and never lose the attractive connection with the music.

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Moreover, dancing is a movement art in motion, it means dancers are learning all the time new techniques, movements o rhythms, what it makes them being in a continuously learning process and do not stop studying and searching to be prepared for the new top trends and styles of the moment. In addition, this continuously learning process is connected with the practice because is just dancing that dancers gain experience and they grow as artists, is on the dance hall, on the classes, on the practice that people learn this valuable art; falling down and getting up again and again, doing the choreography again and again, counting days to recover from an injury and then come back to the stage.

Even though it is an amazing art, even though is a pleasure to do a performance in a stage and give all they have, dancing world is uncertain: a bad movement could cause a hard injury, an accident on the dance hall, a disagreement with the company they dance could be the last performance they will do and they do not know it yet. For all these reasons and more, that in every presentation, every class, every practice they should give all they have, adding happiness, passion and dedication to every movement they do in order to spread their love for what they do and then, when dancing as a lifestyle was not their lifestyle anymore, they will have left everything on the dance hall and they will have memorable memories for the rest of their lives.

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