It is often said that the human body tends to go long before the mind, but even so, many minds remain quite young despite the passing of time and the passing of years. In these cases, people who have a youthful attitude tend to retain much of the good physical traits.

Consequences of Excessive Dehydration
Maintaining good hydration is important especially during extremely hot days in some seasons.Different high temperatures encourage the onset of dehydration and can have serious consequences on our health especially among adults, children and people who may have heart failure.

Men in their 60's look worn out, out of shape, while many look 15 to 20 years younger depending on their lifestyles, attitudes, and positive states of mind. It has been said many times that, in youth, the physical and mental aspect is the result of the genes of earlier years; this also shows how we have lived for many years and demonstrates our lifestyles.

People often start to feel "old" when younger people comment on this. On the other hand, there are people who do not consider themselves "old" because their minds remain young and they do not feel tired.

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The mental and physical state of a person simply depends on the personal well-being, self-esteem and happiness. 

The real question many people ask is whether they can actually reach a point where they can slow down the aging process or even keep it in check. However, there are many factors in order to live a healthy life and slow down "aging" to some extent as the years go by.

To slow down or stop the biological and natural time of aging, there are different factors such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Quality of sleep
  • Physical or sports training
  • Constant body massages

Good nutrition is based on the consumption of foods with a low glycemic index and high fiber content.

Many items to eat are cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, green salads, lettuce, paprika, zucchini, and cucumbers. All these foods should be accompanied by different sources of quality protein such as chicken, fish, red meat, fresh cheese, and eggs.

Vegan salad bowl
Good nutrition is too important in the life of any human being. 

All these foods provide several desirable and noticeable effects that help to speed up the metabolism while insulin levels remain totally stable and are quite important to improve digestion and eliminating all harmful substances from the body along with increasing the probability of frequency of opening fat cells and utilizing all fatty acids sources of energy; which manages to get to reduce the markers of cellular aging.

When we talk about meditation, we know that it is a very important and beneficial practice, regularly carried out by many people of different ages that can improve spiritual and mental aspects. Meditation can help to achieve a better quality of life in different aspects. Meditation can be practiced by anyone anywhere in the world.

Increase focus, knowledge, and memory.
Meditation helps to maintain a balanced, stable and relaxed mind. 

When talking about the good quality of sleep, you know that sleep is as important for human health as eating properly and doing physical exercise to help the heart pump blood properly.Both physically and psychologically, sleeping well is as important as taking a good diet. It is known that a bad rest has negative consequences on the body and the brain. In addition to that, bad hours of sleep favor the development of diseases.
If you do not sleep well and bad sleep becomes a habit, health can become resentful.

A good nap helps things in a person's life flow in a better way. 

When talking about physical activities or sports training as a method of slowing down the "aging" process; it is noteworthy that aging has been defined as the progressive increase of health problems based on lifestyles, routines, and ways of thinking.
Physical training can help build good muscle tissues of very high quality and burn a lot of calories during workouts. Physical-sports training has to do with the limits of each person's body and the time that has been worked. When we talk about constant massages in the body, we know that this is a practice performed with the objective of building all the muscular and connective tissues existing in the human body.

Exercise is the most important thing in the human body, it means we care about our body.

The massages relax the body and increase the positivism in the mental state of a person to be able to succeed in future goals. During the aging process, all the different systems of the human body undergo a series of changes that are different for each person, as each person ages in a unique way.

Many people have come to associate aging with wrinkles in the skin and gray hair as these are the most visible parts of the body, but inside, as time goes by, the tissues and organs change just as we do, and it is a totally natural process.
Aging is defined in the different energy levels of a person, the inner aspects before the outer, the self-esteem, and confidence. These are factors that determine a healthy life and a happy person.

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