HELLO utopians,

Cryptocurrency is part of the Aquarian age energy
It is innovative , free and promising
Bold , attractive and daring


BTC was born under Saturn influence
It has the very tough feel , structured , limited , restricted
But leading the way in a serious pace
If Saturn didnt open the gate of the new world economy then it would have go much wilder
Very fast and it is a steady change Saturn proposes us in the restrictions of its walls

We are now until end of December in the very specific Saturnien maze
Which is not an easy ride , a bitter sweet one .
As we can see BTC is rising , but squares with Mars ( the planet of war and nopeace )are bombarding
us while we are painfully rolling into the gutter .
Some very precised and courageous changes are on the horizon


The rocky road is happening between deep energies , underground and magnified ( pluto and Jupiter )
Saturn , is playing the role of the arrow
We could go all Saturn right now , draw the line and keep our focus like a perfect HODL ( necessary at this time )
Or we could slip off , fall asleep and feel the delimitations of the maze tighter and tighter
A shrinking old world within and out and at the end of December , Boom , karmic change , the one we call it painful , the ugly one .
Good news is , if you drew the line and HODL , when Saturn Arrives in Aquarius , first it delivers a gift before leaving Capricorn , then it goes swim in its new Aquarian pool where limitations for a better start are removed .


? Real rise is showing and will go on until 2024
And when our very serious player Pluto hits the 2025 Aquarian Line ..Boom ..Cryptocurrency is fully ON

Now , our world is changing dramatically and it takes one to tango because Saturn doesn't give any chances.
We will have to make great choices and those might include cashing out our cryptos before much higher rise
Again , it will all depends on the life choices you are making right now until next new moon in Aquarius.
About seven days .


All the squares will give us new cards to ponder on ...plenty enough to ponder .
No matter if you drew the line or not , the shaking will be efficient and necessary
For some it will be more in their love life , for some in their Job , for some their health for some their home etc...it will be where the change has to happen for a better transformation .

BTC is the SuperStar in the Cryptocurrency night Sky
May it shine and trigger a long term positive change

cryptocurrency is the new economy and URANUS in TAURUS shows

how fast yet steady , that new movement in our economy is happening

as we know , mass adoption will take time , people and money is sensitive

the 95% will want security and proof to follow and they surely will follow a power

already in place . 5 years is needed and while it happens , we , the happy HODLERS are climbing the Golden mountain of all possibilities .

it sure is now or too late to enter the cryptowagon , too late to make good profits

of course , knowing that taxes will be heavy on all of us .

if one still have doubt about jumping in , then our only advice would be

do not wait and do not think twice .

we are the cryptos lovers after all and it is more than an obsession , it is a life style !

Always learn more and more , ALWAYS research and be diligent in your investment ... MAY the cryptoworld invites you in and serves you many smiles .

IT IS  a new world after all .

Your Favorite Crypto Astrologer ♥️


Thanks for reading