When we hear the word Blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin, this distinct coded currency, which is considered the end of an old age and the beginning of a new technical era characterized by flexibility and ease, but is Bitcoin the only application of Block Chain technology? And how can this technology change the future of the digital world?

"Cryptocurrencies are the most visible area of ​​Blockchain technology"


It is a long chain of encrypted data distributed to millions of computers and people around the world, allowing many parties to enter and verify information, every computer or party in this series has the same information, and if part of it is broken or broken it does not affect the rest of the series Thus, it is an open and encrypted public record, and a strong chain of trust. In the event of adding electronic contracts and agreements to Blockchain, the verifications are achieved automatically and without human interference or tampering.

It is the basic technology or infrastructure under which digital currencies like Bitcoin operate, and many experts consider it a qualitative boom that will lead to the emergence of the second generation of the Internet when it is widely adopted, this technology will provide great opportunities to societies and individuals around the world.

Use it in cryptocurrencies

One of the first true uses of this technology was in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is due to the fact that technology allows the distribution of digital information and does not copy it, which means that each piece of data can only have one owner which is necessary when dealing with payments; In fact, the digital ledger

Many people confuse cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of a broader range of blockchain technology applications, and they are thus closely related, and the cryptocurrency is a digital form or alternative to paper money in common, and is used as a medium for exchange within a distributed network of A group of users electronically, Bitcoin is the first ever digital currency created, and for this reason it is the most famous among the digital currencies, since it was released in 2009.

Blockchain applications

Blockchain is not a technology limited to cryptocurrencies but rather a technique that can be used in all industries, despite the need of many industries and international companies to know the secret behind this technology and to discover how they can use Block Chain technology to improve logistical efficiency, but efforts are directed towards knowing how to use This technique is very minimal. There are many companies open to recent discoveries that have a lot of coding and technological capabilities that helped them discover and use Blockchain technology. This is what governments began to pay attention to, and governments began launching initiatives in preparation for embracing blockchain technology. These initiatives aim to create an appropriate environment for developing the use of modern technology and developing the use of Block Chain and attracting relevant companies. Where the federal government began to discover ways to take advantage of Blockchain technology, especially with regard to maintaining records of information and data in a safe manner, and the ability to obtain information from them quickly, efficiently and accurately.

"We can say that the world will reach a new level that will change much of its shape and the way in which various businesses, industries and fields are accomplished."

This technology, which is preparing to launch a second technological revolution, is referred to as this technology intended to store digital transactions over the Internet and verify their authenticity, licensing, and secure with the highest levels of security and encryption. It is noteworthy that Blockchain technology will come to save the world from the deadly routine of the flowchart of traditional transaction operations that involve time-consuming and high material costs.

"This technology will reduce bank fees and reduce human errors, which may lead to the global economy being immunized against financial bubbles."

It can also be used in the very near future in various fields, such as facilitating the issuance of driving licenses, marriage certificates, keeping passwords, and property management. You can imagine if policies and governments pay more attention and deeper to the use of blockchain, the economic world would be better than the current situation. Headlines and topics related to Blockchain technology will not be just a technology used to facilitate the use and trading of cryptocurrencies, but their use will be broader than this and it will cover all companies of the economic world and will even move the world economy towards a new stage of prosperity and growth.

"Blockchain technology is here to stay!"  

The amount of services and features it provides will not allow us to waive it easily.


Blockchain is a promising technology that will change the global business environment, whether in the governmental or private sector, and the use of this technology will not be limited to a specific field, but it is expected that its use will expand gradually and will significantly affect the method of providing services and the form of transactions in the medium and long term.

Actually there are many countries and companies that started using this technology in their transactions. Blockchain technology is the beginning of a new industrial revolution that can help accelerate progress towards economic and political development, even health and social development.

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