If you ask me, what is the best golden path of gaining huge knowledge quickly in the shortest possible time? I would definitely say "reading a book" and "practically gaining". Why and How? These answers lie in many ways. But today I will show you a logical reason for the first answer of “why and how”. We will discuss about the second answer later. So let's dive in the hutch.

First, when you choose a book, you select it according to your interest. And, “interest” plays a vital role in the quick acquisition of any knowledge. And that is what always inspires you to run to the end. And you don't even know yourself how the book ended so quickly because of your interest. Now let's see the logical reason for the first answer.

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Logical View

Now come to the main point, normally good quality books are on average 150-200 pages. And, to write these 150-200 pages, the writer needs a lot of time. Some take 6-7 months or even a few years. But, when you read a 150-200 page book, it takes you 1-2 weeks to complete. Here’s the real matter, so let’s think how much time it takes an author to write so many pages in a good quality book even with research? An author has to give much effort to create and arrange information. Also adding one's own knowledge is the main thing as well.

See how long it takes you to achieve so many informative things at a glance? Just a few days. Let's say, you read 3 books a month. That means 3x12 = 36 books are read in a year. It took 25 years to write the auction for 36 books. Then by calculation, you have acquired other's 25 years of knowledge in just 1 year.

Not only that, you will get thousands of strategies to apply in life. What better way could be to acquire knowledge than this one?

It is also very important to read books and learn from them.

Apply your new knowledge wherever it needs. That is why I first spoke of interest and practically gaining knowledge. Because, the practical application of reading in your field will help you to learn knowledge and apply simultaneously. Whenever you have an interest in a subject, you can acquire very good quality knowledge from text and put it into implementation.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab a good book, keep learning and ENJOY !!