Social media and newspapers have been tasked with turning these drug dealers into celebrities despite their illegal actions.
The famous reputation of these criminals, their fortunes, the fear, inspiration and admiration that awaken in their own and strangers, as well as their ability to plaster and murder an entire continent, makes these characters remain in history as the kings of the world's first most lucrative illicit business: drug trafficking. Two Colombians, two Mexicans and one Panamanian have been the most influential drug traffickers in Latin America. The Honduran territory and the weak institutional of this nation has been a key factor for each of them.

Drugs are a business for few and death for many. Honduras proves it. The business includes money laundering and laundering, organized crime, corruption, unethicality, excesses and the accumulation of power, as well as its influence around the world.

1) Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo (Mexican)

The capture of this drug dealer has caused quite a stir all over the world.
Chapo Guzmán had become a myth for many. Since escaping from a maximum security prison in 2001 in the State of Jalisco; his controversial figurations in international magazines as a billionaire, influential and power-action drug dealer, his ghostly travels and his authority in thousands of bloody battles between members of his cartel and the rivals who confront him, to his only place on the FBI's most wanted list, Interpol and the DEA as the most wanted drug drug drug dealer on the planet for being the legitimate , owner and lord of this company for transnational for profit of drug illegal trafficking.

Chapo Guzman is blamed for about three thousand deaths, including a cardinal and an American drug agent. His reign and might was extended in many countries of the continent, The Tijuana Cartel was one of his enemies and "the Zetas" were his allies in the band but after a break with ex-military, a wave of violence throughout the Mexican republic exploded and many had died.
El Chapo Guzmán Loera is known to everyone in Mexico as a determined and intelligent man who managed to transport cocaine and heroin through tunnels to the United States, valued at about six billion euros. El Chapo has several legends and is listed as the one that does not forgive in Mexico.

2) Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, el Ajedrecista (Colombian)

He had his nickname as "The Ajedrecista" for his enormous ability to be able to send many people on his right hand on his business and the political world within the Colombian territory on his behalf.
In this country, he was the leader of one of the most feared and dangerous criminal organizations of drug trafficking, the famous Cali Cartel.
He was regarded by many within Colombia as a respected and admired man in all the circles, towns and neighborhoods in which he belonged.
From a very young age the work, the study and the effort defined him as a person and he always loved to work for what he wanted.
The relatives of this drug dealer describe him as a protector and guardian of his own family, he is also described in many situations as a good advisor to his dearest and closest friends and a cunning and intelligent businessman.

3) Manuel Antonio Noriega (Panamanian)

When Panama ended its 1980s, the country was experiencing one of the worst economic, social, and political crises.
Under the rule of government was Manuel Antonio Noriega who would later be singled out as one of the richest drug traffickers in the entire continent.
He excelled as a recognized military within his country from an early age.
He became and became a Chief of Intelligence Service, with whom he had and maintained a fairly close contact with the United States Army, which had constant surveillance on the monitored channel of Panama, and who would later be sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering.
At the moment, when he received commission and a certain cash payment from the United States military for being also an informant, the former Panamanian dictator used to have a rather cunning and intelligent treatment with one of the most powerful companies of this era which was "The Medellin Cartel".
The medellin cartel used to allow him to freely pass cocaine through the illegal Colombian channel and throughout the national territory for that period of time.

In the early 1990s, he surrendered to the army of then President George H.W. Bush and was immediately transferred to a prison in Miami where he was charged and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Noriega is currently old (81 years old) and is ill and reputable because of the time he spent serving as President and at the same time as a drug trafficker within the Panamanian territory, this drug trafficker was required by the Panamanian government himself.

4) Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Lord of Heaven (Mexican)

It's said that this drug dealer had gained international recognition as one important and powerful leader after the death of one of his closest friends in Colombia which was a partner in his business: Pablo Escobar.
When he died at the hands of an United States agent, the main head of the Medellin Cartel, he left one of the businesses immobilized and someone else had to take over these businesses that were inactive by that period of time.
The famous drug dealer called as "Lord of Heaven", who was nicknamed for his moments and illegal events that he had committed in the past thus for his complete fleet and private airports of 12 Boeing 727 aircraft.
This drug dealer infiltrated many organizations and into a wash of more than 200 million dollars for the Colombian cartel in which the Cartel de Juárez was located and financed its substantial company.

He was described as a very prudent man.
From his late colleague and partner in their dirty business, he learned that it is not handable to have a fairly high profile in several of the media and in his political and social circle in the country.
He managed to enter one of his business thanks to his family, specifically his uncle Ernesto Fonseca Carillo who was known by his alias "Don Neto" was the one who was responsible for overseeing him in business and his marijuana gardens.
Taking into account that there were several protocols and orders for capture towards this drug dealer, it is taken into account that for much of his crimes and illegal drug trafficking with nearby posters or with partner contacts, he maintained some limit among the police that was corrupt as the non-corrupt cops.
This drug dealer was also the absolute director of all the drug that was coming from South America and from Mexico to the United States of America.
He managed to maintain a pretty good harmony with his drug business for a certain period of time until the special intelligence services and the DEA began to look for him and "step on his heels" which caused him to flee to several countries of the South American region such as Chile, Cuba and Argentina. Still, in Mexico it was where he spent his last days of life.

The death of this drug trafficker is still a mystery as much of the information about the cause of death is unknown, but one of the autopsies completely revealed that Carrillo died due to cardiac arrest while practicing with a private surgeon a liposuction in which he submitted for more than 8 hours in the hope of changing his appearance and identity to or be persecuted.

5)  Pablo Emilio Escobar, el Patrón (Colombian)

If we want to meet this important Colombian character and his roots in the drug trafficking, we have to meet Pablo Escobar Gaviria.
Many Colombians have tried multiple times to erase the awful history that Pablo Escobar left in the Colombians lives in one of the best cocaine eras in their country.
Pablo Escobar was a drug trafficker who managed it and made his fame to become the most powerful man in Colombia and one of the richest men in the world.
Pablo Escobar also had an immense fortune of millions of dollars, had hundreds of enemies and many rewards requesting his head.
This feared drug dealer was always characterized by sowing terror in his own Colombian country having a lot of Colombian army cornered and surrendered by this then, not only the military but the government and the entire country.
He was also remembered, and defended by many Colombians in Medellin who still worship Mr. Pablo Escobar for all the pastoral works of charity and social works he did in the city and for his "goodwill with the poor" and communities that needed help most at the time. Pablo Escobar's life, history and career has served and been useful as an inspiration to recreate books, documentaries and television series.
It is said that every Colombian born in Colombia will know exactly who this drug dealer was because he marked a large majority of the bloody events that tormented millions of Colombians for their time of terror and an unstainable war.
He managed to kill and bribe anyone who wanted and achieved cocaine internationally and rose to fame that no one was disrespecting him.