The brain berries site published a list of 10 people who are the richest people around the world, the list did not contain any football player or Hollywood celebrities, nor did it contain people who were distinguished by their scientific degrees, for example, so wealth is not associated with something specific, according to the rich themselves, it is enough to have the necessary courage and a mind convinced of the possibility of becoming rich, so let us get to know them all.[1]


10. Sergey Brin

An American computer scientist, of Russian origin, founded with Larry Page Google, a company that we use every day, so it is not surprising if he is on the list of the top 10 richest people, with a fortune of sixty-six billion dollars. he was the head of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, while Page occupies the position of CEO, but they stepped down from these positions a year ago.


9.Larry Page

With a fortune of $ 67.8 billion, the other founder of Google is ranked ninth among the wealthiest around the world, and he is also a prominent computer scientist and entrepreneur.


8. Elon Musk

With a fortune of $ 69.2 billion, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, and the man of these giants first ranked eighth, a talented American engineer of South African origin who loves to challenge, and who deserves to be a role model for success.

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7. Steve ballmer

Steve ballmer , CEO of the giant Microsoft, and the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Basketball Club, ranked seventh with a fortune of $ 69.7 billion. In addition to being one of Microsoft's most important men, owning a club that plays at NBA is profitable, no doubt.


6.Mark Zuckerberg

In sixth place, we have the man that we all know and use his sites every day, he is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and owner of Instagram and Whats app, with a net worth of $ 89.2 billion.


5. Mukesh Ambani

And he ranked fifth the richest man in Asia and the fifth around the world. he is the Indian man who was born in the poorest places of the world, in Yemen, but today he is one of the business tycoons in India and has a fortune of $ 71.2 billion. he is the chairman and CEO of the Indian conglomerate who Reliance Industries Limited, the flagship company of India's Reliance Industries and Energy conglomerate.


4.Warren Buffett

An American businessman and the most famous investor in the New York Stock Exchange, he is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the fourth richest man in the world for the year 2020, according to Forbes magazine, with a fortune of $ 67.5 billion, and he was the richest man in the world for the year 2008 with a fortune of $ 40 billion.


3.Bill Gates

Who among us does not know him or have not heard of his success story before? He is the giant of American money and programming, Bill Gates, and you may have heard or read his advice about wealth, but what matters to you here is to know how wealthy this handsome blond elderly is. It is $ 112.8 billion, and as we wrote in a previous article that Bill Gates has left Microsoft's management and headed towards charitable work that he spends part of his money on and on supporting medical research.

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2.Bernard Arnault

Have you heard of Louis Vuitton before? If you have not heard of it before then let me tell you that it is a group specialized in selling luxury clothes around the world and it consists of more than fifty brands and international luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Dior and Fendi. , Its manager is a French billionaire named Bernard Arnault.

Perhaps what distinguishes the group besides the fact that it offers luxurious clothes, is its management by the second richest man around the world, with his wealth reaching $ 113.2 billion, so it is not strange that the clothes are very expensive!


1.Jeff Bezos

The richest man, the first beneficiary of your browsing and buying from Amazon, is annually exposed to criticism related to his poor treatment of his employees, low salaries, and lack of justice, but he sits annually on the throne of the richest man around the world, and this time with a fortune of $ 176 billion.[2]



Well that's all, if you want to add your name to this list in the coming years, all you have to do is work hard and learn from your mistakes without repeating them, have courage and a business mind that generates profits, and you keep away from your negative friends, this is not the writer’s advice , it is the advice of wealthier men around the world, a writer like you wants to someday be as rich as them.


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