The Gestapo was founded on April 26, 1933 in the German city of Prussia, by the Nazi Hermann Goering, after Adolf Hitler seized power in March 1933, who was a close friend of Goering, and the main goal of his founding was to protect the Nazi state and form a striking force against Those who lie in wait for the state or try to subvert it or betray it.

Hermann Goering, ( Founder Of Gestapo )

During the previous decades, many documents were leaked that reveal the involvement of the top Jewish politicians in supporting the Nazis, and even Führer ( Hitler ) himself, and at least the existence of mutual cooperation between German intelligence and the wealthy Jews. While it was known that Zionism was the enemy of the eternal Nazis, especially (the German Nazi intelligence - the Gestapo), it became clear that there were contacts between the Zionist movement and German intelligence, and these contacts focused on facilitating the emigration of German Jews to (Palestine) [...]

There is also a dangerous document that reveals a deal between Adolf Eichmann and Dr. Rudolf Kastner ( Rezső Kasztner ), ( head of the Jewish Agency in Hungary ), and this deal requires the release of rich Jews from Nazi camps in exchange for providing transportation vehicles, supplies, and money estimated at two million dollars provided to the armies of Nazi Germany in Russia [... ]

Rudolf Israel Kastner, ( head of the Jewish Agency in Hungary )

Indeed, in June 1944 a train carrying 1648 rich Jews from Hungary to Switzerland escorted by German military guard and from Switzerland they were transported by the Jewish Agency to Palestine and this deal remained secret, but it was unveiled in 1957, and Israeli intelligence accused Dr. Kastner, head of the Jewish Agency in Hungary, who signed the deal as the one who disclosed its secret after thirteen years, exploded by [ firing him when he left his home in Tel Aviv ], and the second witness (Eichmann), who was the head of the Central Office for the Liquidation of Jews, remained on the order of Hitler, adding a good reason to search for Eichmann To be filtered out Black hatred of spyware toward Jewish butcher Eichmann [...]

Adolf Eichmann Is One of the senior officials of the Third Reich, an officer in the German Special Forces or what is known as the Storm Forces (born on March 19, 1906 and left on June 1, 1962) is responsible for logistical arrangements as head of the Secret Police Gestapo in preparing civilian supplies in concentration camps and annihilating them in what was then known In the last solution.

Adolf Eichmann

Israeli intelligence largely succeeded in burying this secret for a short time, and it also stirred feelings against the ugliness of Nazi terror against Jews by burning them in gas ovens in hundreds, but the world and even the Jewish people themselves overlooked an important fact, which is that former Zionist leaders were in contact with the Nazis and that they helped Hitler In his war against Russia, and they redeemed the blood of rich Jews at the expense of hundreds or even thousands of other Jews [...]

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