When we learn any foreign language we must be completely sure that one of the best ways to improve the language we are learning is by putting into practice the speaking method or system with native speakers of the language being practiced as a foreign language in order to improve different characteristics and factors that influence the learning process and progress when we use much of our knowledge to adapt and learn different ways of speaking and new cultures.

Each native speaker of a language, has a different way of speaking depending on the area or region in which he or she is located, which is why, it is very important to know how to classify different important factors when getting to know a native person in a language in which we are interested in learning. It is always important to keep in mind that having a friendship from another culture, another region and with different thoughts or ways of thinking, we must know how to implement methods and forms of a comunicative exchange for a healthier and solid communication, implementing new ways of communication, even if the foreign language is not spoken.

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For every native speaker of any language, it is quite rewarding or pleasant that a foreigner speaker learns his or her native language and also shows some kind of interest in the given or explored knowledge of a different language language, either in a self-taught or concentrated way. It is of utmost importance to emphasize that each learning in a foreign language goes hand in hand with different points to consider the education of a foreign language when we go into different aspects such as phonetics, grammar and speech.

It is of vital importance to know how to carry out a good communication between the native speaker and "you" as a foreign language student. It is very important to recognize that, when we learn a language, one of the best techniques is to put into practice the learning and knowledge acquired in a foreign language and to put them into practice with a native speaker of a foreign language in order to strengthen and learn better and new experiences in a natural way.

When we decide to venture into the experience of learning a new foreign language, we must know that, the learning process must be a fun and pleasant experience. We must also remember that handling a language is not something difficult but neither is it impossible, so that we can get to master a foreign language with effort and a lot of dedication in an effective way, to achieve different results when learning a language and put it into practice in an easy and simple way is to experience having conversations with native speakers of any foreign language that we do not find easy or simple, in order to nourish ourselves with knowledge and to interact our knowledge with any foreign native speaker who little by little ,give us the tools to be able to express ourselves and communicate more fluently in a language.

A native speaker of a language for linguists can make a big difference in how considerable a progress is seen or in how a goal is truly achieved compared to the failures that can occur along the way related to other language learning processes. When we interact and communicate with native speakers on a specific language, we can gain many advantages since we can learn a foreign language in a more native and natural way with a correct accentuation and intonation; as well as, having a large knowledgment of every culture of some people, also the informal use of many idioms existing in any foreign language.

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If we learn a language with the help of a native speaker, eventually, we will be able to obtain a good comprehension of this foreign language in a very fast, and successful way.

It is important to emphasize that, when we are in contact with a foreign language, we will not be familiarizing with the different movement of our mouths within a short time, regarding the sounds and the vocabulary that compose a language, it will take time and a hard work to establish fluid conversations with foreign people which will facilitate us the learning process to be able to understand and express ourselves with a much greater fluency.

Many of the native speakers of any language that we find, might have a greater command in general of their native languages and as an advantageof this, theyhave a better pronunciation and a much more natural accent than any other teacher who may provide us with stable and consolidated support when learning a foreign language.

When we speak with a native person in any other foreign language, we can find comfort and a relaxing time in expressing ourselves in a good space without fear of mispronouncing any words but with desire and motivation that native speakers can make an impact and also a great difference in correcting any kind of mistakes that we would make with greater efficiency.

Pronunciation in any language is a quite vital and important point to consider when mastering any language in order to maintain any fluent conversation since the pronunciation is the first factor that will help us to express ourselves in an understandable way towards other foreign native speakers.

In addition, in any language there are many words that can be pronounced in a similar way to other words but, can have different meanings as in the case of French language; so, it is very important to know be aware of how to pronounce and handle the correct pronunciation and the vocabulary in a foreign language so that having a conversation with a native person from another country turns out to be a great experience, where we can express ourselves with great agility and using our learned vocabulary with utility to share our main ideas.