Exercise in any area is a very favorable point for the human body as it stimulates and helps with many things within our system and organism; several studies affirm and demonstrate that exercising and leading a healthy life considerably potentiates mental activity for the rest of the day or day, which can become a progressive stimulating effect that can last up to 10 hours after exercising.

Many people consider that the best muscle activation occurs early in the morning, each organism is different, but even so, it is worth noting that one of the best times or moments to exercise is in the early hours of the day. Each circadian rhythm, which is one of the important characteristics that determine when each person feels best to run, hike, bike or have physical activity in a gym causing the muscles and the routine rhythm of exercise to be performed over a period of time performing one or several activities during the day.

Each rhythm naturally flows biologically in the blood pressure, hormone level and heart rate followed by temperature throughout the body, which are elements that properly influence how the body performs when exercising as it is predisposed in many cases to be in constant exercise activities.

Already we speak of science and medicine there are many studies that support and Similarly relate that the ercicios and morning routine offer many more advantages to different people who prefer to exercise early in the day having many more advantages Unlike people who perform physical activities during the night. From a metabolic and physiological point of view, it is highly recommended to do physical exercise and practical routines away from meal times so for this reason one of the best times to exercise is first thing in the morning.

Form physical activities in the first hour of the morning favor many people to establish different consistent hypertensive routines in the scope of exercising with irregularity security at different times, thus establishing obligations and commitments during the day related to priorities with the exercise routines.

There are different shared factors during the relationship between exercising during the morning, afternoon or evening, yet it is still stated with scientific backing that particularly many people prefer to exercise during the morning Why they consider that the muscles are better rested and in readiness to do proposed exercises with better performance. With some sites that require agility or mobility such as running or jogging, during the early hours of the day there are benefits and advantages as many hormones increase considerably and many neurotransmitters such as fine people make the human body feel better and more comfortable.

Body temperature and the different hormone levels are reaching a higher maximum level which affirms the theory that physically the human organism routinely find better progressive disposition to be able to practice a sport and physical activity; which allows that much more can be demanded to the human body achieving better results with the passage of time related to muscle mass, strength or endurance.

Also when people exercise in the morning and have routine plans during the early hours of the day they have less risk of injury and the human body is found to respond positively after being active for many hours after waking up.