Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren were two American national investigators focused and specialized in paranormal phenomena and cases in which they acted as detectives thanks to the gift of Lorraine Warren.

Lorraine Warren's husband, meanwhile, was a highly recognized demonologist by the Catholic Church, Ed Warren was mostly engaged in his spare time painting and became a great author of a variety of fantasy and science fiction books.

Lorraine Warren had a special gift that allowed her to see things that other people could not see as spirits, foremonitions, royal angels and evil presences, she was a professional seer, and together with her husband they owned the museum of occultism in Connecticut.

Lorraine Warren showed her first close experience with the paranormal when she was 7 years old, she began to see lights around people. However, she did not know what those lights were or what the meaning of these lights was.

Lorraine when she is little remembers telling a nun at school where she studied that her lights were brighter than the superior mother.

She was then punished and ordered to pray, being accused of "liar"; From this moment on, Lorraine Warren understood that the gift of seeing people's "aura" was a gift from God that only she owned.

No person from her family or friends around her raises her and used to call her "liar" which led her to keep her own secret of what she saw and felt for a long period of time until she met her husband Ed Warren.

Her husband had also begun to live and experience paranormal experiences when he was between 5 and 12 years old. Between 2 and 3 a.m., Ed Warren told that many unexplained events used to happen to him when everyone was sleeping, explaining that his doors in his own closet opened on their own and then floating lights came out and staring at him.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were generally mundanely recognized for all their dark and chilling cases and their collection of paranormal objects inside a museum.

Annabelle's Case

According to Ed and Lorraine Warren, the real Annabelle doll comes from 1970, when a Raggedy Ann Doll was bought from an antique store by a woman for her own daughter.
When they arrived at the house, the doll was thrown over the bed and was not paid attention, until she began to change position in strange circumstances.

Alarmed and frightened, the owners of the house immediately attributed their own movements as a result of the bed being pushed, to the point that everything changed when the Annabelle doll would start moving inside the same house leaving strange notes usually saying "Help Me".

One night of so many, when they returned to the house, they found the doll covered in blood. An expert they had hired managed to contact the spirit that had possessed this doll, and identified herself as Annabelle, a 7-year-old girl who had been murdered years earlier and her body had been abandoned into an open field.

During the spiritualism session, Anabelle commented that she felt quite comfortable and happy with them, and that she would like to stay in her family to feel loved and loved. The mother and daughter agreed, but what they didn't know was that Annabelle was not a girl, but a demon.

In the end, the Warrens came to investigate this case, and their results concluded that the doll actually had a fairly serious demonic possession. Now, Annabelle resides in the "Museum of Occultism in Connecticut", where she resides so that anyone can see her inside a transparent box.

The Perron family

Roger and Carolyn Perron moved to Harrisville in Rhode Island with their children by the year 1970, which was a good decision for those who did not know the history of the house they had bought by this time, a house that had been changed ownership for generations to a sensitive record of murders and suicides.

At first, the spirits that inhabited the house were harmless, even child-friendly. However, it was later discovered that there were more aggressive ones knocking on the doors, levitating the objects of the house and scaring the members of the house.
But this was nothing, as the worst of all spirits was Bathsheba Sherman, a witch and Satanist who hung herself in the tree of this property that had been in the 19th century. She wanted the Perrons to leave that house, so one day Mrs. Perron picked up and saw the witch on top of her bed sitting, who warned her"Go away. Go away. I will expel you with death and sadness."

Since then, paranormal situations had been worsening and the family was immediately forced to leave the property.

The Amityville Horror

This case is probably one of the most famous among the Warren paranormal cases, largely for the horror movie franchise of "The Amityville Horror" and for the book of the same name, which has become one of the best-selling books in the world.

On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed six members of his own family, including his parents and siblings, in a house in a quiet neighborhood of Amityville, Long Island. George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into the house, but in 28 days they came out cheering that they had been terrorized by the ghosts that inhabited there.

Enfield's Poltergeist

The horror film "The Conjuring 2" is based on real events and mainly in this case coming from 1977. Unfortunately, he doesn't stray much away from what happened during other alleged apparitions, as the ghosts here changed places and most of the things inside the house, hit the walls and made the objects float.

Peggy Hodgson often claimed that her children witnessed the toys being thrown into the air and their furniture moved on their own thanks to a strong presence.

When the police were called, one of the police officers was sure that he had witnessed a chair moving on its own, although it was not known whether this was something mundane or ghostly. Over time, the children were also lifted up in the air and demonic voices began to haunt the family.

The history of Enfield's Poltergeist attracted a large UK press coverage during 1977 and 1979.