The ( Golden Billion Theory ) Starts To Exist In Russia & Eastern European Countries About That Western Countries Wanted to Make This Theory In Real Life.

Have you ever heard about the golden billion theory, that unjust theory that makes people layers of what deserves to live on the surface of the earth, and some are totally exterminated from this planet.

This theory states that the population of the earth reaches about 7 billion people, and the resources that the Earth produces annually do not suffice these seven billion people, from here the theory of the golden billion originated.

That is, there are a billion people who deserve to live on the earth and consume from their bounties and produce and intermarry in them. As for the other six billion people there is no benefit from them and they must be disposed of as soon as they consume from the resources of nature, and of course the billion who deserve to live on the earth as stipulated by the golden billion theory are they The white race is Western Europe and the United States of America, and the sex that must be wiped out is the third class of society such as Africans, Latin America, etc.

The Masons say that the poor are a burden on the globe and a burden that stands against its great project in ridding the earth through the theory of the golden billion that deserves to live without six billion in the globe because the resources in the earth are sufficient (only for a billion until they live rich).

Freemasonry came with the system of determining birth in western countries and it became a law and it is not permissible for an individual to exceed the number of his three children because he will be taken from him by force.

And They blessed gay marriage and considered it a legitimate right, and organizations that blessed their rights worked for an extinction in the species Asian and African human Races, although this does not happen in the animal world, which was not Believed by the mind.

How to get rid of the six billion?

  • Today we live in the era of the golden billion, but they do not need to kill the other 6 billion, they are looting their wealth and are keen to keep them back, and take from them what they want for free, but reducing the population must be the most important priority in foreign policy towards third world countries
Africa, Europe (Colonialism) , Libya For Example, Many Countries Fighting ( In Libya ) To Get Their Oil In The Mediterranean Sea ( Turkey For Example ).

~ EnRi