At the beginning of 2011, peaceful protests swept several Arabic countries claimed with extensive repairs against the corruption and tyranny in the ruling regimes.

It started in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and it spread to other Arabic countries. On March 15 in 2011, peaceful protests started in some cities of Syria claimed with constitutionality adjustment and improving living conditions.

Since 1971 Syria has been ruled by the Al-Assad family with a repressive regime. Hafiz Al-Assad staged the father of Bashar Al-Assad, the current president of Syria, by a military coup and held the authority through it. He was the minister of defense at that time, so he staged by launching his security services and dominated on all joints of the state, and ruled it with an iron of where he put all of his enemies in prisons.

And he started arresting whoever criticizes his regime or even think about it. He also monopolized all capabilities of Syria for himself and his family.

He imposed taxation on everything, and he worked within the principle of quotas on everything the people have. And since then, the Syrian citizen lives in a terrible situation.

Then after Arab spring started, the Syrian people were encouraged and flounced to break restrictions from this regime. The protests started in the Syrian cities on a narrow level, where the spark was originated from Daraa city in the south of Syria.

It started many peaceful protests in the regime, and its militia met it with repression and arrests. Notables asked the regime to release the prisoners, but the regime refused to do so and caused the protests to continue. The security forces of the regime started using power and bullets to disperse the protesters which sparked the feeling of Syrians when the militia of the regime arrested many children and tortured them when they went out with demonstration claiming the fall of the regime including the famous child 'Hamza Al-Khatib" who was murdered by the regime after torturing him and taking off his nails.

Those are Russian dropping bombs on people who want to be free. Similar to the American Revolution against Great Britain, but in Syria, we have Russia dropping bombs on us.

After continuing to repress the protesters and use excessive force and live bullets, a group of free officers and soldiers defected from the regime, and colonel formed The Free Syrian Army, which includes offices and soldiers and some people to defend the protesters and the Syrian revolution.

Events accelerated when tanks and armored vehicles took the streets, and a curfew was imposed, arresting protesters including men, women, children, and elderly people seniors. They also damaged public properties and mosques.

This led changed to all-out war in all of Syria between the Free Syrian Army and the regime with allies.

After failing to stop the revolution, the regime asked for help from Iran and Lebanese militia and increased the violence, and cities were bombed with airplanes and artillery weapons. In 2013 the first chemical weapon attack was carried out by Bashar Al-Assad's warplanes murdering more than 1466.

So after the Syrian regime almost collapsed Russia sent its forces and battleship in the last of 2015 to help the regime. Russia started bombing residential areas, schools, kindergartens and other infrastructures.

It started occupying the cities and displacement of its residents, where thousands were killed and millions wounded and displacement of millions from their home by the Russian and Syrian regime in the biggest humanitarian crisis after the Second World War.

And the suffering continues to this moment ...

Direct correspondence from a Syrian named Ali

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