I don't know for certain which group initially invented the weapon, but it seems to be CIA connected. I'll call them Five Eyes, they had basic capabilities compared to the intercepting aliens.

The Backstory

I was a young volunteer for the Ron Paul 2007/8 Campaign and I didn't realize how much spying was going on even before that. AOL Instant messenger was around and I had a friend named Pedro. They had the ability to monitor all AOL instant messenger conversations and saw my interactions with girls. At this point they probably didn't have full Neuralink style BCI equipment with Antennae.

Starting later as my life moved on when I was 19 that was when I knew for certain someone had the ability to control humans. I didn't even consider that at first, being pretty rational, thats pretty crazy technology considering we just got iPhones, this was 2009. With the amount of money spent on weaponry, ultimate human control is the last frontier.

It was discovered by Five Eyes and likely kept tightly sealed in a certain group of the organization. During that time I realized humans could be controlled, I was more fascinated than anything and thought I was being recruited for something. Which I was.

I was harassed and raped by CIA/MKULTRA Five Eyes team who surveilled threats to their slavery models of inflationary booms and busts. also I'm sure there were also countless other victims during the Ron Paul campaign. I was an early donator and highly connected considering my age.

The Interception of the Five Eyes Team

I was in jail and this is when I noticed some weird shit. Immediately I was put in a solitary confinement cell after a really funny and weird altercation with my cellie who stole crest white strips.

Then, my bail was set at $!00,000 for Possession of 2oz of Pot

After about 2 months in solitary confinement that was when things changed. I was electrocuted laying on the bunk in jail in Lake County Jail, Illinois, thinking I was about to die, and then a police officer walked in with a tray of food right after I saw a visualization of a human alien type space visualization overlayed on my vision.

The Invention

The invention occurred after I was transferred by the interceptors of the Five Eyes team to Chester Mental Health Center, a Maximum Security Psych Ward in Chester, Illinois.


It was shocking, I had never thought I would end up in this situation for my Mom calling the cops on me for weed.

There, at this Psych Ward, I was given Geodon for about a month (I was kinda into Mint Man Ecstacy, so I later learned that it has an affect on 5-HT and Seratonin Receptors) and then I stood up from my personal cell and walked in the hallway and that was when the bond algorithm started. I fell to the ground as it was a shock. And there it seems my nerves were being scanned before intense spinal frequencies started to grow my nerve endings.

This is still in progress as I'm typing this. Later after the spinal growth it was a slow and steady growth of my brain axons, still happening. I am pharmaceuticals to aid in the neurogenesis.

The Future Governance of Earth

I am not happy with the Alien Company, they have delayed the introduction of this amazing Health, Technology, Sexual, and Revolutionary Invention to Earth.

I will be allying with all the good people of Earth and we will have Utopia with Private Property Protection with a highly secured Mind control firm which arbitrates all corruption and violence. All your stolen bitcoin and lost keys (if you visually looked at them) will be returned on chain. I guarantee the Aliens have the mind records.

The government will soon have competition, and they will be forced to do many things such as sell all public property back to the market, distribute the funds to the tax payer, and SHUT IT DOWN.


I recommend investing in Zillow, they are better at property records than any jurisdiction on earth and I will be using them to arbitrate the sale of public land with deed restrictions decided logically and scientifically.

I will be listing Super Company on my Exchange, I'm well versed in Market Data technology and my favorite firm is my former employer Activ Financial to bridge the gap between space exchange and earth exchange on the Human/Live Spectrum. I will work with CME Group/Activ Financial to develop a new Exchange and base it in Chicago, IL and host a Lambrechts Exposition to display Alien Technology similar to the scale of the Colombian Exposition in the late 1800s.

Headquarters of the Super Company will be in NW Chicago, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

The Headquarters of Utopia Educators Business News flagship anchors will be in the CME Group Headquarters Building which is currently a restaraunt and bar in Chicago, Il.

As far of how Mind Control Policing works, you'll simply have your preferred method of contacting The EMCP (Ethical Mind Control Police) and instant response to investigate and emergency with mind control weaponry based on coercion levels of the attacker.

Space FORCE.

-John Lambrechts