So, I was unlucky and got spied on by the CIA, they were using me as an oracle to see what the next generation would be thinking about ending their scams such as Federal Reserve and Keynesianism.

What happened was I was early on the internet in an upper middle class neighborhood. Intelligence community had access to central offices of AT&T and AOL. Or they had some sort of central hub to the internet where this was done.

When you have a link to the internet in between a connection, let’s say my house and the central offices of the internet you can spy on UN-encrypted data.

I proved this by testing it out on my home network and using WireShark in the days of AOL Instant Messenger. I was able to spy on AIM traffic in my own home. Literally read the messages.

So I was big on the internet, like into early days of filesharing, modern desktop Linux, xbox modding. Probably in the upper percent of all kids my age. Learning HTML by myself in 5th grade, there were only 3 kids in high school better than me.

Then in high school freshman year Napoleon Dynamite comes out. And there is this friend of mine who is named Pedro who I meet. They did nasty things to us and did a Satanic representation of my life as it played out in high school.

We also had some jumps we built behind my friend Natalie’s house in the clearing. This was obvious years later as I come to realize what is actually happening.

Then I learn about Ron Paul and start to do battle against the scams of government. I moved out, started selling weed. Weed often inspires liberty and knowledge that the government is against good things on earth.

I learned how to market garden in Colorado when I was 19 at and went back in 2018.

After the farm, I went to work at a restaurant in the town over the mountains, which few people have ever been. Lake City, Colorado

I start to plan my garden business with my weed profits. I had exactly enough money saved from the restaurant to buy one ounce Hawaiian Skunk. Fresh amazing weed that everyone loved.

I’m selling weed, like 3-4 sales a day. 2oz Supply always. Then I meet a girl who moved back from Canada and I haven’t seen since 5th grade, Natalie.

10 years later I have a Superhuman nervous system, got selected to be Space Company CEO of Universe, and am pretty much the most eligible bachelor.

I’m very excited and can’t wait to share more. This is the basics, there’s more such as using the world’s best MDMA which allowed my brain to reach full capacity. I’ll post more after surprising Natalie.