I am going to pursue my business of setting up raised or unraised garden beds in South Florida. For those that want it, Raspberry pi connected gardens. Raised beds make the most since because they drain well. In Florida there are wet and dry seasons, but you can always get a deluge.

This is a fun skill that is not taught in American primary schools. The closest I got to a garden skill from K-12 was seeing compost at the field trip to Oregon, Illinois. Fortunately it is easy to teach at home for those that have a backyard.

I learned how to garden by completing my internship at Circle A Garden.

I plan to set up their gardens and also provide support and tips after it is built and seeded.

Kids would love going outside and seeing food that could be in the next soup, stir fry, or fruit.

So please check it out as I continue to develop it and contact Johnny’s Gardens if you want help building your back yard garden.