The story began in 1944 As the end of World War II approached, Nazi Germany became desperate to bomb London by air strikes because the UK was strong because of the early warning system of raids.

This system, which was represented by observation posts and the beginnings of the development of modern radar, caused significant losses to German aircraft, so the Germans decided  To find a way to bomb London without losing their planes.

This is where the idea of the first long-range missile in history came It's a V1 missile that everyone called (A buzzer bomb).

(Photo a group of German army engineers transporting the rocket to the platform to prepare for launch)

Although it's the first version that was never developed, it has very strong specifications For example, this rocket has a weight of 2,150 kg The explosive head weight was 850. Still, V1 was flying at 640 km/h This rocket managed to reach a distance of 250 km.

(The picture above is the interior design of a v1 rocket)

Of course, this success and power wasn't enough at the time, despite the damage it caused, but the British found a way to bring it down and prevent it from reaching the capital It was dangerous, but it worked as the pilot was approaching the missile, which was slow, and then flipping it with the wing of the plane, and the missile lost balance and fell. The pilots repeated it a lot

( A famous picture For the v1 missile shooting down.)

Today there are dozens of images documenting the operation, and these images became the most famous in World War II.

(Rare ground image of British aircraft attempting to shoot down V1 missile)

Despite this, the victorious countries, led by the United States, were impressed by the idea that you don't need to fly your planes to enemy countries and take the lives of pilots.

After years of development in secret laboratories, the United States succeeded in making the modern version of this idea , Which is now known as the Tomahawk.

Today, this missile is one of the most powerful weapons the United States possesses.Where it reached a great degree of development and strength and its ability to travel distances up to 2500 kmA lot of features such as satellite guidance, accuracy in target injury, and ability to change course It's fast that doesn't allow the enemy to drop it.But now the only problem is the high cost that the United States hopes will find a suitable solution.Until then, the missile will remain only to destroy very important targets

Ship launches Tomahawk:

This and other weapons have left the United States the most powerful country in the world.

Which is why many countries are racing to make this type of missile, but with little result, because it's not easy.

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