According to the latest data from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, women in Nagano prefecture can expect to live an average of 87.2 years, while men can look forward to living 80.9 years. Well, Nagano prefecture is in the center of Japan's Honshu island, is know for it's mountains, hot springs and architecture.

This does not mean that every man or woman will live exactly the same number of years. Rather, it’s just their government data for the average life expectancy of the people in that region. Interestingly, however, the region had the highest numbers of deaths back in the 1960s or earlier. Later on, the local government started to find out the reasons one by one. They launched a campaign to raise awareness everywhere. They drew a table of living an ideal life. They changed their eating habits, lifestyle, diet, et cetera. There they formed various groups and spread them everywhere to make the common people aware of these things.


The significant changes in their lives that they spread awareness about and later on were able made it a reality were : they awfully reduced the amount of salt in their diet, started working hard, followed a proper diet, stayed active, continue to work even if they get older etc. In it’s continuation as an awareness, they started this term “ Pin Pin Korori “.

This is a very popular Japanese term. You probably often heard this term from your Japanese friends. The word “pin pin” means energetic and “korori” means quick and painless. It means "healthy until you drop dead" and when you die that’d probably be quick and painless. In fact we know, only those who will die will be able to feel the taste of death. However, their plan was to live in good health as long as they live. And when they die, that moment would be much quicker and suddenly. This is what expresses the Japanese ideal way to pass on. Well, it was a lottery, because only a small percentage of people die this way.

Credit : Macrotrends

Alright, this was the story behind the term pin pin korori. This term has remarkably changed the way of their lives. Later, all the rest parts of the country were following them and made a lot nice healthy habits in their daily activities within a quick period of time. According to macrotrends, the current life expectancy for Japan in 2021 is 84.79 years, a 0.14% increase from 2020. Now, many countries are trying to follow their lives.

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