You are blocking your people from the flow of information on Earth, advancements in FinTech and decentralization, you even interrupted a Presidential Debate as our Vice President in America was speaking about China. My boomer Mom is not happy with you China.

I am eager to interact with your people and build China. Why do you think this is the role of Beijing? You think you are Kings?

Stop dictating what your Humans in China do and think through your Beijing propaganda.

This is your last warning or no reparations will be done during the repricing of the dollar as we back it with hard assets.

You have unleashed countless virii from wet markets.

You blame this on AMERICA and TRUMP?

You fund unrest all over the internet, spilling into the streets with your Soros and Kissinger connections. It's clear you are in control of Twitter (Ballmy Tits) and Reddit (Conde Nasty) with your minions in Beijing.

If you fuck with Hong Kong freedoms, the entire CCP and minions will be jailed for Human Rights violations and violations of the contract.

Does anyone remember The Tianamen Square Massacre where you unleashed your own military on your own people? Do you teach this event in your schools?

If anyone would like to share China's perspective, please join us. I have not been able to find one Chinese man who is willing to write about their country.

I found one China girl who cried when she realized what the world thought of your coercive regime. She was so spoon fed it was a shock to her and she started crying.

You will not fair well in Universe courts, cease and desist the Fascist mixed economy and make every jurisdiction a Free Market with Property rights and contract law.

Knee How? Get on your knees CCP. Kneel for the massacred Chinese people.

You inflate your currency so your people starve while businesses profit.

You cancel a deal with the Breadbasket of the world.

That is all I have to say, I enjoy a lot of American products made in China, and am sick and tired of them breaking 3 years later.

Hong Kong, I love you.

Warm regards,

John Philip Lambrechts
King of Earth Arbitration