We will be hosting a party in Sajek, Bangladesh in December for all members who have joined and have kept current with the website as writers or any form of contribution.

Party Location in December 2020

John Lambrechts is paying everyone officially through an LLC. I am the sole owner of the website as of now, and am working on setting up my own LLC so that I can apportion shares 'officially' per Governor Desantis and ancient Business Law practices.

Here is the link to the current LLC:

Lambrechts, LLC

I am going to have a hell of a time figuring out Regulations to gain the most profit back from the government, I have had 0 income from this site and about about $8,000 of expenditures up until this point.

The Annual Financial report will be out by USA Tax Day - April 15, 2021. It will not comply with SEC guidelines, it will be completely transparent, original and truthful. We are not a public company YET.

Ripley's believe it or not, John Lambrechts broke the Guiness record for coolest invention.

When that is complete...

By that time a Space company will be revolutionizing Earth and I won't have to pay for Senior Citizens on Social Security who have yet to contribute. The only adult men with credentials who have joined are Prof Sanjeev Sharma and Shiv of India.

The only capital other than my own has come from my Father in the form of a Paid Subscription. We really appreciate the support or feedback.

The company Paypal Account is:


Company bitcoin addresses:




Steam Cards which I have used to pay countries which do not allow trade are under the account tweeterman on steampowered.com

I hope that clears up any confusion regarding how the hell on earth we are paying for all this content.

Warm Regards,

John Lambrechts

Posted from the Utopia Educators Official Company Account