This film is a pretty interesting one and deepens the mafia in different nearby countries by the power of money.
The protagonist in this film is tasked with retrieving the son of an Indian drug dealer named Ovi Mahajan.

This drug dealer's son is captured and kidnapped as a hostage in Bangladesh by a gang that is an enemy.
This action film was released worldwide on April 24, 2020 on the Netflix platform.
He received mixed reviews and criticism from critics and the press, who praised the performances of Hemsworth and Hooda, but criticized the script in the film and the excessive violence and bloody scenes within the roles.

This film was considered one of the best action movies and one of the saddest, an extremely impressive effort was made. It is an explosive and war journey through all the streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh, through the eyes, ears and quite a few weapons of a hired mercenary.


(Recommended movie if you like action :D ! )