Many people go on a diet to lose weight and keep fit. But dieting with the misconceptions about weight loss causes various physical complications. If you want to diet, you need to know which food to eat? how much to eat? However, many people do not eat at all to lose weight, which is not right at all. Absolutely not eating causes various physical complications. Many of us go to the internet or people's advice to lose weight. So let's discuss misconceptions about weight loss.

weight loss food

Taking more green tea will reduce weight

Many people think that you should drink more green tea to reduce fat. This idea is not very accurate. Drinking green tea increases metabolism but does not reduce fat. There is no need to drink green tea more than twice a day.

Eating less food helps to  lose weight

Eating less is not a scientific way to lose weight. Instead, eat fewer meals every three hours. Eating less causes physical fatigue, gastric problems.

Eating late night  helps to increase weight gain

Do enough exercise along with food. If this is not done, the weight will continue to increase. Eating more at night and going to bed late is not an issue. When people eat too much, his body is excessive calories are stored as fat.

Men and women metabolic rate are equal

The metabolic rate of men and women of equal age will not be the same at all. The metabolic rate mainly depends on muscle structure, body structure, etc. Metabolism depends on sleep, calorie intake, etc.

Weight loss will be followed by cardio exercise

Many people believe that cardio exercise has a profound relationship with metabolism. But in a real sense, there is no such thing as a relationship between the two. Weight loss will be followed by cardio exercises like running, swimming, jogging, cycling, but it has nothing to do with increasing or decreasing metabolism. For this reason, many times, even after following the rules of diet and exercise, the weight does not decrease properly.

Fat does not mean bad

Not all fatty foods are bad for the body, but it is important to eat regular fat foods to keep the body healthy. Olive oil, avocado, nuts, coconut butter, cheese are good for the body. Absolutely eliminating fatty foods will cause the body to begin to break down, just as the skin of the body will wrinkle.

High protein foods are a great way to lose weight

Eating meat, eggs and cheese every day is not good for health at all. It builds up cholesterol in the body, which can be harmful to the heart. For that, you should eat fruits and vegetables. In addition, eating more high-protein foods can lead to weakness in the body.

Do strenuous exercise to get quick results

Many people suddenly start exercising hard. But the body cannot take more stress suddenly.  It is better for the body to exercise a little every day. Giving up exercise or gym habits can lead to weight gain. Walking or running every day along with a balanced diet will help you lose weight.

It is important to know in which way metabolism will increase. In the same pattern, it should be understood that doing any wrong work will harm the body. If you understand all the diet, you will lose weight and stay healthy.

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