The Mossad / Israeli intelligence service called her operation 007, according to "James Bond", that fictional secret intelligence agent, because the operation was truly fictional, it was a legendary mission, after (Mig 21) was the jewel of the Soviet fighters and the miracle of their time, a bewildering secret of Israeli intelligence. The American is now within their reach.

Details of the pilot (Mounir Rova) flight of the MiG-21

On August 16, 1966 a squadron of Iraqi Air Force (MiG-21) aircraft went out to patrol the Iraqi airspace, starting at 7:45 p.m. The squadron was counted as Captain Pilot: “Munir Rova” whose plane was late from the squadron.

MiG-21 , Operation DIAMOND

He did not heed his boss’s call, which he missed with the rest of the squadron Because of the speed of the meg. Here, Munir turned to the Israeli border, He crossed the Jordanian border, where two Hunter planes tried to intercept it, but were unable to do so due to their low speed.At 7.55 a.m., he was entering the Israeli border.

Three radars discovered at the same time, warning networks were launched that Captain (Ran) (this Israeli pilot who is the champion of acrobatic aviation on the Independence Day of Israel) took off immediately with the squadron of less efficient Mirage planes, and moments later Ran was higher than the next plane, and protected by his squadron at that received The captain with his swarm is unequivocal by radio from General (Moti Hood): Do not shoot at all costs. The issue is a state issue and by order of the prime minister.

Implement what a leader told him, as his knowledge of the commander's voice helped him to control his nerves and control his reaction to him (as a stalker) .. Make sure his hoarseness is telling him Never play a starring role ... this MG pilot will follow you nicely, and anchor. After reassuring (Ran), he got a little more close to the enemy plane she had always been looking at for her photo or miniature models.

It carries on its wings (the Iraqi emblem) and its leader does not appear to have any hostile intent. As soon as (Ran) approached him with his Mirage plane, he significantly lowered his speed and staggered on the right and left to demonstrate his intention to land and pacify, Ran approached until the Iraqi pilot (Munir) saw clearly through the plastic cage, wearing the blue flying dress and he pointed to him with his right hand and thumb Down, expressing his intention to land. Then Ran Ran signaled him to follow him.

Everyone went to Captain (Moti Hood) himself to control the landing process, and as Munir Rufah got out of his plane after settling on the land of Israel until General (Moti Hood) welcomed him, saying in English: (Good flight, sir), and the traitor Munir Rufa replied: It is not bad.

Iraqi MiG-21 In Israel, As you can See , 007 Logo On It ( according To The Operation )

After introducing himself to him: Captain Mounir Roufah entered a private salon to be able to change clothes, then board a helicopter to the north. As for the sad plane / it was covered / from curious eyes. And surrounded by the eyes of the military police. On the same day, an invitation was sent to foreign military attaches. Watching the MiG-21 surrounded by a thick red leather, as if it were a masterpiece in a museum, it dazzled the members of the two military Attachés.

The American colonel Carto could not describe her magnificence and kept repeating (... exciting ... exciting), the colonel denounced him, giggled with joy as he touched it, (((because he is the first American in the world to touch and see with his own eyes this Soviet plane that was a mystery to them))) Englishman Major Thompson: He tried to enter near her and was politely banned by the military police.

Broadcasting MiG 21 arrival in Israel:

Israeli intelligence and the army leadership agreed to broadcast the news of the arrival of the MiG-21 as follows:

At the same time that military attaches were examining MiG-21, (Captain Munir Rova) was succumb to the curiosity of Israeli-speaking Arabic and foreign journalists and international agency correspondents. Then he withdrew to the back hall after his nerves were strained. Then Colonel (Suhail bin Zafi), the official spokesman for the Israeli army, came to them, and read a letter to them in English on a blue paper in the handwriting of the traitor Mounir Rufa from Cyprus through a special mail box, the traitor took his address from the Israeli military magazine The contents of the letter say:

"Sir, I hope that you will receive the letter in person for my personal safety. I hope that you will believe everything I write despite my anxiety, but I am determined to implement it." I am a MiG-21 pilot in the Iraqi Air Force, and I decided to come with my plane to your country.I hope to land in one of your bases. Please tell your pilots not to open fire on me as I am coming with good intentions. Please believe my words, you can be sure that I will not disappoint you sincerely .... etc. »

The Iraqi MiG-21, Israel 

After the Israeli army spokesperson finished reading the message (Pilot MiG 21 Munir Rova), who implemented what he wrote in his letter (according to the claims of the Israeli authorities), Munir Rova returned from the back hall after regaining his calm and answering the questions of the Israeli radio representative and the rest of the journalists that he: left His country (Iraq) due to sectarian discrimination and opposition to brutal repression against the Kurds (at the time).

The press conference ended, and the mission of (Munir Rufa) ended, after he was received at the airport by his wife and children coming from London, and they moved to a huge residence prepared for them in a suburb of Tel Aviv under a new name. The rest of his life. While his children go out to play with the children of the Jews, they have learned the Hebrew language fluently.

Results of the arrival of the MiG-21 in Israel:

After the press conference on the MiG-21, (it placed at the disposal of 50 American experts who attended aboard a private plane), in addition to Israeli Air Force engineers and technologists. Instead, it examined its parts with great precision .. Its possession by Israel facilitated practical training for it, as it allowed the Israelis to train against the best aircraft (their enemy).

They came to know that it was a low-powered wheelchair. They knew that he was trying to impose combat on a high altitude MiG as one of the American experts taught them that the MiG operating system is based on gasoline, as this system increases the exploitation of the plane and makes it capable of taking off without operating aids. And other advantages that helped Israeli pilots in June 1967.

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