If you have the desire to learn politics or the art of trade, If you want to learn something about history and especially about the dark side of the human nature and about deception and betrayal and many other things you have to read “the prince” book for it’s writer Machiavelli .

It have been said that Muhammad Basha read it 17 times and also have been said that any one who risen to power have read it because of what is contain of ideas and strategies to hold authority a little bit longer . You may see this book as a corrupter to the human high morals but nether of less this book simplifies all the tricks used by politicians and those who have influence through out history but maybe this book didn’t bring something new because all these games and tricks were previously known to the leaders and all what Machiavelli did is gather them in a several letters on a form of a simplified small book .

"The Prince" is considered the most important work of the Illumination age and it’s the first nature because this book established it’s own branch of philosophy “the philosophy of politics” Machiavelli wrote his book while he was in prison and he send it to the duck of Italy Lorenzo de Medici, You may see it as a book instigate laying and corruption but through it  Machiavelli tried to warn us that these cheap tricks that he mentioned are truly exist and our denial to them doesn’t mean that they are false and won’t effect our own lives but rather we must be rational. That’s why we need to know them so we can be prepared to anything that comes and till this day and after studying many centuries of history we notice that nothing have changed, Human didn’t change at all that’s why politician use the same plans and tricks written in Machiavelli book “the prince” because many of the strategies in this book can work in today’s world.

We in Utopia Educators don’t support every thing that have been written in this book but in this article we try to give some of the most important points made that deserves to be focused on .

The most important points in Machiavelli book “The Prince” :

  • The government must be a either republican or a state and the government must work through ministers appointed by the monarch or can work through nobles from high positioned families who acquired their rank in the society by blood ! The fist system (run by Ministers) is hard to fall but if it had fallen it will be impossible to return into power but the second system (run by nobles)  will be easy to fall but hard to keep because the nobles will try every thing they can by fighting tooth and nail to return to the position of power .
  • The crown that depends on succession's is very hard to fall and can only fall if the whole the family get assassinated  .
  • The state who was built on freedom must be destroyed if the ruler who risen to power want a full control .
  • A ruler who want to control a new foreign region totally stranger to him must give the people living in it a little bit of freedom or he can push the people of his own to the region to change it’s Demography (the community structure) to ensure loyalty .
  • The ruler who want control or want to rise to power must learn from who came before him and to find new opportunities and ways to face his enemy and he must be prepared to all odds and he must crush every opposition with cruelty and ruthlessness .
  • The ruler must be generous with his people and must gain their affection but not necessarily love him but they must not hate him as well and their should be some kind of balance .
  • The rules must build his own military force and military must be loyal only to him and he must not trust the loyalty of his mercenaries because they will betray him to the anyone who give them more money and he must not trust the loyalty of the people because they only want their best interest and both of them will abandon the ruler on the time of hardship
  • There is no need for castles of fortress because if they protect the ruler from the enemy they have no use towards the people who can betray him from the inside  
  • The ruler must study the history and battle plans and he must know the geography of land that he rule .
  • He must be kind to his people but he must also learn when to be rough and he must gain the reputation that he is tolerant with his supporters and tough towards his enemies because sometimes fear can be useful .
  • The ruler must be deceptive and dishonest when necessary , Machiavelli call this as the “Criminal Virtue” that justifies using force to keep the stability of the government .
  • The rules must have a goal and use all resources that he have to achieve this goal and he must have a stable opinion and don’t change his mind constantly.
  • The rules must support art, architecture and trade and joy his people with celebrations and festivals and he must reward those who support him heavily because he can count on them to keep his government going on a time of crisis and these supporters must have an absolute loyalty to the ruler and should be tested to prove them selves .

Machiavelli claimed that most of the rulers lost their crown not because their bad luck but because that they hesitated and didn’t play well when they face challenges although luck can play a huge part behind everything but luck is very overrated. Perhaps luck is beyond control but Machiavelli said that luck is like a running river when the river overflown he destroy every thing in his path but the river in the most of the times is quite and run smoothly and a good ruler must make the good preparation in the peaceful days to face the flood that is coming.

What Machiavelli want is to show the other side of our nature because a lot of people care about high moral virtue and big slogans to the point the separate them selves from reality and this must not happen in real life, the "Prince book" is like a bee sting that wakes us up from our perfect dreams of high dreamy morality because life is not easy and we shouldn’t expect good intentions from people and realize that there is evil as much as good and and a good ruler must be more feared than loved and of course this article is not as reading the book and if you want to know the full the theories Machiavelli in art of control and power you must read his book “The Prince”

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