( A deep thinking with an amazing calculation based on religious and reality PERSPECTIVES )

One of my friends from the UK Bogdan Caramalac had performed amusing research on this pandemic situation. You will surely be surprised after finishing this brief article once. Without further talking more, let's directly jump into his math.

" I was scrolling my Facebook feed and I found out that Israel wants to chip children going to school. That coupled with the fact that very soon I may be actually living alone in our hotel, in what was supposed to be a place full of life at this time of the year, with summer closing by. This certainly means the world has changed.

And suddenly it hit me. Something I heard long ago. And I did the math.

What did I hear then ? That the rulership of the world would move to Israel. Well, I knew that from Orthodoxy about the building of the 3rd temple from which the Antichrist would rule and I knew they made a lot of steps in that direction.

But time, too much time has passed from the last brutal change in the history of the world that was 2001. Regardless of it being an inside coup or not, regardless of the planes being drones or assisted by demolition bombs inside the central foundation [1], the world took it as real and acted upon it.


World War I - 1918

I remember the Sheikh saying that "the day which is like a year" ended with the First World War and it was a thousand years long.


WTC photo of 9/11
Now the second period, "the day which is like a month" would be 12 times smaller, about 83 years. And if we add 83 years to 1918, the end of the First World War, we have 2001, the year of 9/11.

Now the assumption was that in the 3rd phase power would shift to Israel, and we waited, and we waited... but it didn't happen.


It took too much time to have this as a simple buffer period. As we heard in the past "the world before 2001" and "the world post 2001", we started to hear now: "the world before Covid", "the world after Covid".

Covid-19 Testing Samples

Now "the day which is like a week" is 4 times smaller than 83. It would be around 20 years, making 2020 the Covid year, as being THE END OF THE THIRD PHASE. Israel didn't have world rulership in this time, at least not universally recognized, as it was the previous cases with the British Empire and USA, but perhaps it was not supposed to. Perhaps it's now coming to fruition, with this shift, and it starts an accelerating time of world shifting changes, to the very climactic end. "

I have reason to believe the rulers of the central banks and those edging us towards forced behaviors will be overcome by universal/galactic interception of Earth via EM frequencies. As soon as the complete human Neurological hash frequency is broadcast. My friend knows that our nervous system is faster than the speed of light and we will be discovered soon. [2]

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[1] https://www.ae911truth.org/

[2] https://www.neuralink.com/