Covid-19, Corona Virus.

In the modern world (superpowers), the Corona Virus pandemic was classified as a threat to National Security Class 1 (the highest category for risk). These devices have witnessed a fundamental change in health security units since the beginning of 2019, but the change in intelligence services and the introduction of working principles New needs an extended period for the new units to operate efficiently, ten months before the advent of the Coronavirus began to support health security units because they have resources everywhere, in general, the role of the intelligence services at the present time includes:

  1. Elements of the foreign service (intelligence stations): where they provide information about the origin of the virus, its development, how it spreads, its properties, the extent of the media's secrecy to the conscripts, and the methods of managing the crisis.
  2. Aerospace and space espionage units: their role is to depict the movement of cities where Covid-19 is widespread and to monitor carbon emissions to see if countries are burning the bodies of those infected.
  3. Digital Spy Units: Its role is to monitor the internet and mobile phone users, know the number and compare it with the number before the spread of the virus.
    Resource Recruiting Units: It attracts biologists and state security personnel from whom to collect information.
  4. Internal Security Units: The most important duty of these units is to monitor the general health status of the country and ensure that the decision-makers are given the correct information. Also, ensure that this information is not leaked so that there will be no terror and panic among citizens.

Impact of Coronavirus on National Security:

It is no secret to everyone that terrorist groups and criminal gangs take advantage of these difficult times with soft attacks and psychological warfare by forging data and psychological warfare and spreading rumors, and this is what places the security forces under double pressure.

Coronavirus and Global Intelligence Agencies: The CIA spied on China, obtained information about the origins of the virus, methods of managing the crisis, covering up the number of victims, and presented a report to the White House, but Trump's actions were somewhat slow.

Donald Trump, PM Of The United STATES Of America.

The primary duty of the intelligence agencies is to give a report on the threats to the state, and all intelligence agencies maintain biological, chemical, and nuclear units. But they are often limited to work in third world countries due to the limited capabilities and powers, and the inadequate budget of the intelligence services in addition to these Threats are relatively less than the threats of terrorism. We do not find scientists and research centers in the third world countries that are under the control of the intelligence services.

What can the intelligence services provide: Intelligence agencies cannot treat the virus or find a vaccine, but their role is limited to assessing a national security situation and giving policymakers the right policies and solutions to confront the virus.

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