Exercise is crucial for our physical and mental health. Without physical exercise, no one can develop physical fitness. People of all ages should take regular specific exercise systematically. The importance of it is discussed below.

The Importance Of Age

Physical exercise is applicable for people of all ages. But programs of activities will be different for different age-groups. Not only physical training but also other things like diet, choices, and physical abilities are different for different age-groups. The physical strength of a child is not equal to that of an adult. So the development of their (children) skills through games should be introduced accordingly.

Bicycling, running, tennis, judo, etc., will help children to fit their bodies. Remember, children and adolescents should not participate in weight lifting exercises. It can cause harm to the body. Youths should take part in activities systematically. So they can learn skills by taking part in activities which will build a foundation in sports. The selection of physical exercise for a specific section of the body is essential. Physical ability may be acquired for this. For elderly people, light physical exercise is required for maintaining fitness.

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In Terms Of Sex

Physical exercise is equally essential for all. Though it is different for men and women. The physical structures of boys and girls in their childhood are more or less the same. So, in childhood, their exercise can be identical. To ensure the mental development and fitness of children, they must take part in fun activities. There are mild differences between boys and girls during the age of 7-12. This time girls do not participate in any heavy games.

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On the other hand, boys show more interest in team games. But boys and girls also participate in individual sports. For example, badminton, table tennis, running, etc. are a few particular games. From this stage, physical education programs should be separated to develop their physical capacities. After puberty, physical changes take place among boys and girls.

For this reason, their activities are also different—boys like athletics, swimming, etc. besides team games like soccer, cricket, etc. Most of the boys do not hesitate to take a risk at this stage. In the behavior of girls, hesitation and shyness appear due to their hormonal changes. This is why physical education programs of girls vary from that of boys in games and sports competitions such as swimming, athletics, badminton, table tennis, etc.

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Therefore, as children grow up, the difference in their physical activities become more apparent. Boys and girls participate in these activities separately. When you come to exercise, you will notice that there are many similarities. It is a matter of another kind.

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What will happen if you don’t exercise?

Everyone wants to keep their body strong, healthy and functional. For this, you need to exercise daily. If you don’t take physical exercise, you may fall into some major problems.

  1. Your bones will become dull if you do not exercise.
  2. You will be less physically healthy if you do not exercise. So you may get injured easily.
  3. Physical exercise will refresh your mind and keep your mental health in check.
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Physical exercise will cost you nothing but give you a lot of benefits. Hope you will realize the importance of it. And then you will be a member of regular physical exercise.

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