In today's digital world, hundreds of messages are sent from one to the other in a matter of moments at the touch of a finger. But, in the past, people needed a lot of time to communicate with each other.

The most conventional path was that people themselves would go to their specific destination with a message or a letter. But, over time, people have always wanted something else to carry the message. Before the digital revolution, pigeons were a common messenger delivery tool to use. For thousands of years people used pigeons to carry messages.Pigeons were used to carry very important messages. For example, financial, secret information, war-related messages and many other important issues.


Popular commanders Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are said to have used pigeons to communicate with their empires. Moreover, in both World War I and World War II, many pigeons were used to carry messages. Also, spies would go out with pigeons whenever they went out. If they needed to send something to a specific camp during the observation, they would leave a text message tied to the pigeon's legs. Now the very interesting question is how did messenger pigeons use to carry the messages? Read the rest of the article to know this fun answer.

The pigeons that carry the message are called Homing Pigeons. Basically, one of the special attributes of these pigeons is used. Pigeons have a special ability to sense magnetism. By which he can easily determine his whereabouts. Now the question is whether these pigeons work the way we exchange information in the modern age or not. For example, I will just tell the pigeon the name and address of the person to whom the information will be sent and the pigeon will deliver the message accordingly right? No.

Pigeons at Home

The whole matter is very simple. But before that, a simple method has to be adopted to attract the pigeon to its habitat. That is when the pigeon is small, food is left in front of its habitat. Thus for some time he eats food in front of his habitat. Wandering in it’s home. A few days later, the pigeon is released to go out. Then, the pigeon wanders outside all day but has to return to its habitat to pull food. And, the special attribute of recognizing the pigeon's home help him to recognize its habitat easily.

So what is the process of carrying the message to the specific destination? Easy matter, I will use the pigeon of the person to whom I am sending the message. Let's say, I live in California. My friend John Lambrechts lives in Florida. Now I need to send him important information. For that, I have to use his pigeon.Simply, I will take John's pigeon to California. Then, when it’s about sending a message to him, I will write it down and release it tied to his pigeon. Next, the pigeon will move to the pigeon habitat in Florida according to the special attribute of its homecoming. And this is how pigeons were originally used to carry messages.

In this case, sometimes the loss of pigeons was normal. Because many people used to hunt or kill pigeons on the way. That's why they often used many pigeons at the same time to carry the same message. It could be seen that one or the other pigeon has reached the right place with the right message.