The emergence of America

Flags Of the U.S. During History Time.

The emergence of America There is not enough evidence to indicate the primary group that settled in America today, but the prevailing theory suggests that there is a group of people who migrated from Eurasia via the Beringia land bridge that connected Siberia with Alaska during the Ice Age, and this group contributed to the expansion of the population over History has passed throughout North and South America, and this migration began more than thirty thousand years ago, and this stage is known as the pre-Columbus era.

Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to reach America with Christopher Columbus, and they were able to reach large parts of America such as Puerto Rico, the state of Florida, the Appalachian Mountains, the Mississippi River, the Grand Canyon, and the Great Plains, and Hernando de Soto managed to reach large areas of the southeastern parts of the country. Francisco Vázquez de Coronado explored the areas from Arizona to central Kansas, and these small Spanish settlements grew into important cities such as San Antonio, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tucson, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, and San Francisco, California.

Spanish Colonization In America.
The decline of the Beringia land bridge during the period that spanned from 20,000 to the present.

The Netherlands began settling in New York City, and the Hudson River Valley in the seventeenth century, then the Dutch began the process of expanding to the regions of New England, and they built the Protestant Church in America, and they spread their religion to the rest of the population in America, and many Americans of Dutch origin emerged in that Time is in the development and expansion of the country, most notable of which are Martin Van Buren, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt.

And Eleanor Roosevelt, and the French were able to establish many settlements in America, especially in the regions of Quebec, Acadia, and along the Mississippi, Illinois, Louisiana, New Orleans, and Biloxi regions, and the French were able to create many trade relations with the Native Americans throughout the Great Lakes region.

French & Dutch Colonization in America.

European ambitions began to increase day after day in America, so a European settlement was built by the Kingdom of England in the year one thousand six hundred and six near the James River in Virginia, and the British brought many of their wealth to their country such as animals such as horses, cows, pigs, turkeys, and products Agricultural such as potatoes, tobacco, beans, and squash, and the British intended to control many areas in America, through the King Philip War in New England, and the Yamasi War in South Carolina, and this resulted in the establishment of a settlement in the Plymouth area, and another in Massachusetts Gulf, And colonies in the cities of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, and the ultimate goal of spreading these colonies was to spread religions such as the diocese in New England, and Protestant in the central parts, and Catholic in Maryland.

The British managed to acquire large lands of the French in North America, and after the process of control King George III issued a ownership declaration of these lands; the king was seeking to form the new North American Empire, in order to prevent the indigenous Indians from colonial expansion in the western lands behind the Appalachian Mountains, He established a tax law; this law sparked a protest movement in Boston, and Parliament responded to these protests,

By stripping Massachusetts of the historic right to self-government and placing it under military rule, as a result of which many American revolutionary movements began in Concord and Lexington because of their total rejection of aristocracy.

The revolutionary movement reached thirteen colonies, and the movement carried out all means of rebellion against British rule during the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, and the regions gained their independence after one year of this rebellion, and citizens were able to unite with the French, the Dutch, and Spanish against the British invasion, and began after This is the process of establishing and annexing the states of the United States of America, and the famous hero of the American Revolutionary War, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Continental Army, and the President of the Constitutional Conference, ((( Mr. George Washington))) , was the first President of the United States.

State accession The system of government in the United States of America is republican, constitutional, and federal. The country currently consists of fifty states that gradually joined the country. Each state has its own system that differs in many matters from some states, and each state consists of a group of cities And the provinces; at the beginning, that is, in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven AD, America was composed of only three states, namely, Michigan, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, and the joining of the other states by year came as follows:

Nine states joined one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, namely: South Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, and Georgia.

Only one state joined in AD 1789, which is North Carolina.
Vermont joined the state in 1791 AD.
The accession of the state of Kentucky in AD 1792.
Tennessee joined in AD 1796.
Ohio joined in 1803 AD.
Louisiana joined in 1812 AD.
Indiana joined in 1816 AD.
Mississippi State joined in 1817 AD.
Illinois joined in 1818 AD.
Maine joined in 1820 AD.
Missouri joined the state in 1821 AD.
Arkansas joined in 1836 AD.
Florida and Texas joined in 1845 AD.
Iowa joined in 1846 AD.
California joined in the year 1850 AD.
Minnesota joined in 1858 AD.
Oregon joined in 1859 AD.
West Virginia joined in 1863 AD.
Nevada joined in the year 1864 AD.
The accession of Nebraska in the year 1867 AD.
Alabama joined in 1873 AD.
Four states joined in 1889 AD: North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana, Washington State which is the official capital of the country.
Idaho and Wyoming joined in the year 1890 AD.
Utah joined in 1896 AD.
Oklahoma and Arizona joined in 1907 AD.
New Mexico joined in the year 1912 AD.
The states of Hawaii and Alaska were the last states to be organized into the United States of America in 1956 AD.

Modern progress A feeling of dissatisfaction has emerged from the growing middle class due to the existence of corruption policies, political inefficiency in the people who occupy these positions, and failure by the authorities to deal with many urban and industrial problems, as these matters formed a progressive dynamic movement in the year one thousand eight hundred Ninety; the middle class began to urge the raising of the national level in the logistical fields that the country needs such as education, medicine, and industry, in addition to reforming worn out institutions and eliminating corruption in politics.

And the introduction of efficiency as a criterion of change, and women contributed to this role a lot after their demands were involved in demanding the right to vote for women, and Ms. Adams from the state of Chicago was the leader of these women's demands, and these movements played a major role in the development of the country, and now America occupies the first number on all countries The world at most levels is economy, education, life and luxury.

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