When The German tanks And (1,200,000)German soldier. And above them (2500) aircraft drawn on its wings «Swastika» Went To The Polish border in all directions On the first of September 1, 1939, the Polish army was stunned and torn into pieces, after the Polish airports, ammunition depots and fuel turned into pieces of flame and shrapnel .... In this The attack at that time defined the world for the first time the concept of "flash war", that comprehensive war in which the striking forces (all weapons) on enemy forces are destroyed from the air and the ground and destroy them completely .....

German Troops, Poland.

As for the Polish army, he was surprised by any surprise, and he did not complete his mobilization yet, so that he could not carry out any defensive actions except for some individual actions that suffered failure when they applied legions - the Panzer - German tank teams to the capital Warsaw (Warsaw) and then rushed towards the eastern border of the Soviet Union, Hitler's orders were to occupy - Poland - within fifteen days, but the occupation took place within ten days and the hymn of Germany (Germany above all) was played in all streets of Polish cities and at the footsteps of the victorious German forces.

Germany above all Song, I Suggest You To Listen For It. 
German Troops Marching Into Warsaw, Poland 

In Germany, the first war communiqué was broadcast on the German people, and in the same moments that German forces entered Poland in the following manner: (Heil Hitler's military command statement)

"On this night .. For the first time in our German land, the regular Polish forces opened fire on us, and we have been responding to fire similarly since five o'clock this morning."

Hitler then repeated this particular lie hours later in front of Reichstag That is, the German Parliament - which met quickly in the Berlin Opera House Kroll, wearing his military suit, then followed by a fiery speech in a hysterical tone, where he was interrupted after each sentence by the frantic applause that the huge building trembled, especially when Hitler defied France England and the American President - Roosevelt ..

Reichstag, German Parliament , WW2 
Kroll Opera House.

Hitler then returned straight to his headquarters to the headquarters of the letter of ministers, where he was waiting for his first aide Marshall [Herman Göring] Accompanied by a major Swedish character, "Bergd Dahros", whom Hitler had assigned to a secret mission (air settlement) in London, Dahros informed him of London's refusal of each settlement and the failure of his mission and thus angered Führer, and he began to arm the floor of the hall back and forth while he was excited, then stood and shouted at the two men:

Herman Göring

"If England wants war, then it has ... I will fight it for a full year, but for two years ... Then Hitler added with a thundering voice: If necessary, I will fight her for ten years."

Heinrich Himmler, Who Did A Lot Of Job In Poland , By Controlling Gestapo And Justify War goal Against Poland. 

Operation Himmler (less often known as Operation Konserve or Operation Canned Goods) was a 1939 false flag project planned by Nazi Germany to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany, which was subsequently used by the Nazis to justify the invasion of Poland.

As for the German people, we see it, unlike its leader, when Hitler's convoy went to the (Opening Kroll) hall that morning, as if the Germans were feeling very impatient, and that the future carries an evil evil in them. So the streets were empty. It is dominated by surprising silence on such an occasion - the passing of Hitler's motorcade - which was surrounded by the masses.

Adolf Hitler Salute The Wehrmacht. 

quietly ... As for that day, the few Berliners who passed through the procession remained rigid and resembled the disaffected or stunned as if the people suddenly woke up from the euphoria after that was (drunk)( In it years ago) or more precisely since Hitler came to power, that is to say, since the Publicity Minister Goebbels’s initiation poured into them frantic, hectic and inflated news ...

Joseph Goebbels’s

All these propaganda and efforts did not convince the German people of the necessity of war, as evidenced by what was written by the German historian "William Shears"On August 31, the day before the conquest of Poland:

"All people - in Germany, are against war and they are declaring this openly, so how can this situation compel the people to fear a war that has not accepted its idea ..."

However, Hitler knows that the approval of the masses is not the main thing with regard to his plans. No one in the future will dare to ask the victor whether he has said the truth, and what must be taken into account in the account is that those who declare war do not aim at [the right] but rather [the victor], but the truth is the property of [the victor]. These words represent Hitler's strategy in this first battle, as he was confident of his ability to win a landslide victory over Poland, so he had no choice but to find an argument even if it was (a lie) to justify the declaration of war ...

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