A piece of news regularly passes in The East Radio pamphlet years prior: (Israeli Jews of Iraqi cause return widely to Iraq, and they are explicitly gathered in Kirkuk, where they buy lands multiple times their genuine value) Then A Question Was Asked, with extraordinary torment, that felt severe. Why Kirkuk?

Welcome To Kirkuk Sign In Three Languages ( Kurdish-Arabic-English ).

Before we answer the inquiry, we might want to call attention to that the news isn't new. After the control of Iraq on April 9, 2003, a gathering of Israeli Mossad specialists filled Iraq, under the name of (Al-Rafidain Company), and other phony organizations. The quantity of the first clump arrived at 900 covert agents, which shaped a different division to actualize the undertakings of deaths of Iraqi units and characters, political, military, media, logical and legal, in participation with the volunteer armies of one of the notable Iraqi gatherings, which influenced 1000 Iraqi researchers and masters inside one year. At that point (450 individuals) moved from them from the capital Baghdad to the city of Kirkuk.

The Operations Center for the Israeli Assassination Squad is situated in the city of Kirkuk, at present, in a house close to the Kirkuk Governorate constructing and incorporates among its components various Kurds. They were moved by the CIA from northern Iraq in 1996 to the island (Guam). The vast majority of its individuals communicate in Arabic with an Iraqi tongue, fluidly not withstanding English.

The Israeli division heightened their endeavors since the start of this current year in buying lands, private homes and homesteads in Kirkuk and its environs, just as proceeding to do deaths that influenced Turkmen, Arab and Kurdish political figures and shelling the central gathering station of Turkmen and Kurds in Kirkuk, With the point of lighting ethnic conflict. The Iraqi national obstruction focused on their fainthearted demonstration and slaughtered 6 of its individuals in the city toward the start of this current year. These components are as yet dynamic in Kirkuk, Baghdad, and Babylon Governorate, just as in northern Iraq.

Kirkuk Place On IRAQ Map ( Red Color Province ).

Anyway, why Kirkuk???

  1. Kirkuk Region is a painful memory in the Jewish ( Jude ) network's mind, as a result of its direct relationship to the Babylonian imprisonment, After the incomparable Iraqi pioneer Nebuchadnezzar, the southern territory of Israel in 576 BC, pulverized 50 thousand Jews hostage to Iraq (Babylonian bondage) and among the Jewish detainees were three of their prophets (Daniel, Hanin, and Azar). While in transit to the arrival of Commander Nebuchadnezzar to Babel, he went from Kirkuk, since it was on the critical street to the rising guards toward the north, and northwest (Turkey, Syria, and present-day Palestine), which is a similar way that the Persian lord Dara and his military took to battle Alexander the Macedonian in the Battle of Arbela (present-day Erbil) who Alexander the Great won What is significant is when Nebuchadnezzar showed up in the Kirkuk locale (which was known as the Sumeria period,,, Kirkukia, That is, composed severe work).

On the eastern side of the current stream, three moderately close slopes were found. The Jewish detainees derided to bring earth and shakes from the territories close to them, and to aggregate them between these slopes, given that the development was at a more elevated level than one of them, and subsequently the Kirkuk Castle was built. After the construction was finished, he requested the event of a storm cellar at a site, 300 meters from the primary entryway of the manor (presently called Brick Qabu). A jail where the three prophets (Daniel, Hanin and Azir). Until he took them to Babylon.

Keeping in mind the status of the three prophets, a mosque was worked over the cellar (the place of worship of the prophets), in the last Abbasid time. It was known as the Prophet Daniel Mosque, known by its Turkmen name (Daniel Bjember University), thus far an individual recounts to the tale of the city.

The mosque was the front of youthful Turkmen ladies, during the times of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, and where they accumulated their best embellishments, to distinguish the moms searching for ladies for their youngsters. It was likewise a kiss for the Jews living in Kirkuk before their move to Palestine in 1952. The Jews were celebrating in the mosque on the Jewish gala of Kebbour, which starts on October 6, with the endorsement of the evangelist and minister of the mosque, as an indication of the strict resilience that won in the city. We should chuckle at their knees, garments, and snorts close to the mosque's divider, Later, it turns out to be evident to us that they are their supplications.

There was one more day when they accumulated outside the mosque and cried close to its dividers. When one day my grandma inquired as to why Ezekiel was crying? She stated: They state they recollect the decimation of their sanctuary in Jerusalem and the detainment of the Prophet Daniel in this spot !!! This is the narrative of the Jews with Kirkuk, as I heard it from the older folks of my city quite a few years back. Maybe the story needs recorded documentation by pros in history and prehistoric studies. Yet, the place of worship of the three prophets in the cellar of the mosque vouches for an enormous piece of the accuracy of the story. This is the primary explanation.

2. Concerning the subsequent explanation, as is known, this city incorporates about 60% of the Iraqi oil holds and is viewed as probably the best sort of unrefined petroleum on the planet and as indicated by the arrangement that was set up during the period of the past system, the restoration of oil establishments in it needs to put 8 billion dollars to rise Its fields produce up to 5 million barrels for each day. Furthermore, since the entryways of looting and ravaging were all the way open in Iraq because of the occupation, the number would presumably increment to 16 or 24 billion dollars, and this is the reason the Jews are attempting from now to purchase however much of the land as could be expected to change over it to Las Vegas, the Middle East. The sums apportioned for interest in the oil establishments in this city influence the spit of the Jews yet besides the salivation of the beasts.

3. Concerning the third explanation, "Israel" made a proposal to the two heads, Barzani and the late Talabani, to shield the Kurdish government state from any peril, regardless of whether from inside Iraq or from Turkey, Syria and Iran. As indicated by the US-Israeli arrangement, Kirkuk will be the capital of the Kurdish state.

Iraq Map ( Including Iraqi Kurdistan Region ), As They Claim Kirkuk Is Kurdish.

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