Chapter 1

Here goes a girl who is beautiful and intelligent and has gotten herself into a lot of issues. Her name is Elena.

Funny how she decides to settle down with the one she loves so much, but right now, she is going through hard times and along the line, Jerald comes into the picture. Jerald is Elena's friend Kikis’ ex-boyfriend. Elena thought about the whole situation because Kiki is her friend and is scared of going further with Jerald because she knows how her friend Kiki can be crazy at some points.

Jerald, who has been communicating with Elena, did not know when he started developing feelings for Elena. On the other end, Elena hates problems. She told Jerald that the two of them can't be together since Kiki still loves Jerald. But Jerald says he does not love Kiki anymore and he has broken up with her. Elena still insists that so far as he (Jerald) has been in a relationship with her friend, the two of them can't date especially knowing how Kiki can go to any length for Jerald.

Elena, who is still very scared, keeps wondering what if Kiki finds out! What will she do or say to defend herself? And what will she tell her boyfriend if he gets to find out? All these questions were in her head as she and Jerald now had a misunderstanding, and Jerald began to show attitude. Elena who hates to be the apologetic one, decides to apologize.

A lot has been going through her mind about herself and Jerald since she apologized to him for their misunderstanding but then she thinks about her relationship. What if Jerald decides that he wants something serious between them? What will she do or say to Kiki and the rest of her friends? What will she tell her boyfriend? She will be happy but then at the same time sad because she has got to be in the mold of what Kiki will do to the both of them (to Elena and Jerald) when she gets to find out.

Chapter 2

Elena, after apologizing to Jerald, decides to let her friend Kiki know what's been going on, although Jerald was against it. Elena wanted to be on the safe side rather than be a coward. She tells Kiki and Kiki gets mad and shocked at Elena for having so much courage to talk to her about this. Kiki wonders the type of person Elena is! The kind of person who will hurt you and still come up to your face and tell you that they did. So, Kiki decided to ask her, "Elena, what were your thoughts before coming down here to tell me this?" Elena responded, "I know how crazy you can be with matters like this but I feel I made a wise decision to come to tell you myself rather than hearing from another." Kiki was shocked even more when she did not hear Elena mention having sex with Jerald. She was curious to know and asked Elena if she had sex with Jerald and Elena gave out a loud laugh saying "No," but this answer was not satisfying for Kiki as she knows how Jerald can be. She gave Elena a stern look and only God knew what went through her mind, and with curiosity, she asked again and Elena replied her by asking, "Hey girl, do you just jump on the bed the moment you see a man or get hold of a man? Come on girl, well, we've kissed."

Suddenly, Kikis' mood changed and she kept on asking, "how many times have you guys or did you guys kiss?" Elena replied to her, saying, "girl, do you count the number of times you get to kiss or what and moreover, everything is not about sex and Jerald seems to be sapiosexual. So all I do is talk about my books and asking him to help out where he can by going through it and making some corrections for me". Kiki then gave a heavy sigh and was like, "okay, since you say so."

But Kiki has not been herself since Elena spoke about her ex. She has been so disturbed and keeps wondering why Elena could be that bold to talk to her about her ex and she seeing each other. After so many thoughts, she hugged her friend Elena but was not comfortable and decided to speak to one of her aunt who was close to her. The aunt with so much shock, asked if Elena was actually in her right senses when she came to tell her (Kiki) that and if she heard from Jerald on the matter. She also advised her to go ahead to ask Jerald regarding this.

*  *  *  *

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