We will have massive repricing of assets as the bubble has been pricked in the dollar bubble and by coronavirus.

The problem now exists when 'authorities' with access to legal tender get to reprice those assets by buying select assets with their trading teams.

The Federal Reserve has started it's massive buying of distressed collateral to help keep financial institutions afloat. This disrupts the market repricing of assets. We have this happening around the world in  the European Central Bank, and followed by the rest.

The money they are allowed to funnel into the system is increased as more assets become connected digitally to their digital system, Fed Wire in America. And all major stock exchanges are connected to the international central banking system, SWIFT.

This is why the government has massive taxes and restrictions on cryptocurrency exchanges and cross border regulations. This limits the flow of different countries fiat in and out of the concurrency exchanges.

It also makes sure their digital system gets to use all the new money first.

I would argue our banking system is broken. The banking system broken because all their assets are mis-priced. They have been playing around with funny money too long.

We need new markets on the blockchain. This will allow pricing of assets in deflationary cryptocurrency. Buying international exchanges priced in bitcoin will foster massive competition to the central bank markets.