Welcome to our great article writing contest of 2021. You will be glad to know that we have recently organized a #Giveaway program and were able to manage it successfully. We told you that at the end of the giveaway program, we will organize another good prize for article writing contest. Accordingly, today's post. So, please read the following information very carefully.

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- We have divided this article writing contest into three categories to help you get the most out of it.

1) Diamond
: To participate in this category, you need to write an article in English on a specific topic. The title would be "Industrial and Future Uses for Silver". Here the winner will be awarded 40 #Dollars. (The winner's article will be published on our website and he/she will be appointed as an author in our team)

2) Gold: To participate in this category, you need to write any science related article in English. The winner will be awarded 20 #Dollars. (The winner's article will be published on our website)

3) Silver: In order to participate in this category, you have to write an article on any topic you want and you can write it in any language you want to. Here the winner will be awarded 10 #Dollars. (The winner's article will be published on our website)

4) Survival: All those who will participate in this competition will be given a prize of 1-2 dollars or its equivalent through article writing. You can participate in the above 3 categories. And, if you do not win, you will still be awarded by the prize of 4th category as mentioned above.

That means, you will must receive a reward only if you participate. Apply via the following link in which category you would like to participate in:

APPLY LINK: https://forms.gle/Wx1uF639Mc31NSWj6

Article Writing Deadline: May 22, 2021 (Sat) at 10AM - 08 June (Tue) at 10 PM.
Result: June 11 (Friday), 2021 at 10 p.m.


  1. You must write the original article.
  2. If you copy all the article exactly from another place, you will be considered as canceled from the competition. Plagiarism is forbidden.
  3. If you collect some parts from a site in the form of reference, must provide the site's link at the end of the article 1,2,3 sequentially.
  4. The article can be 400-600 words or more.
  5. You can write the article in Notepad, Google Draft, Microsoft Document and upload your article here : https://forms.gle/F5NNV6K3HGrDPwSX6 or if you feel it difficulty to do, you can simply inbox us your article file/writing with your name.
  6. You can participate in all the categories( Diamond, Gold, Silver ).

If you face any difficulty or if you have any inquiries to pose, please let us know via "Rocket Chat'' which you can find on the bottom of our website landing page. You can check our site here : https://utopiaeducators.com/ Thanks

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