Remember, while you were browsing anything online and you got something really eye-catching,what made you fall in difficulty to overturn the portentous thing without seeing that? Yeah, sure. First and foremost, that was nothing but an alluring “Headline” right? Well,Then you dived into that link but got nothing expected as per the headline means or even might something really teeming with fake news? Yup, here you are to know exactly what that was!!

Alright, “Yellow Journalism” refers to the type of journalism that doesn’t narrate real news with facts. The enchanting headlines seem unbelievable, make an abundant curiosity into you but they don’t bring any real news at all.They usually exaggerate anything they get and spread rumors as much as possible. They don’t put any valid references with any news.They report stories with unnamed sources. Yellow journalism is an exploitative, sensational style of newspaper reporting. Their real task is to force you to dive into the news as they could easily earn the money.

Now, you probably can guess what that matter actually was! right? Exactly, that is “Yellow Journalism”. Today our article is about the history of “ Yellow Journalism “.


Joseph Pulitzer

The origin of it is a lot of fun. However, due to its negative influence, there is a lot of chaos in various countries of the world today. And the most interesting thing is that the man who is regarded as one of the best journalists in the world, is the father of yellow journalism. So strange! Isn’t it?

Well, Everyone heard the name of Joseph Pulitzer. Even The world's highest award for writing and journalism was formed according to his name. He is a legend in exploratory and creative journalism. He was a publisher of “St. Louis Post Dispatch” and the New York World. With this newspaper he created a new trend in the world of journalism.

American journalist Joseph Pulitzer was born on April 10 in 1847. From the middle of the sixteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth century, he was one of the most successful writers and newspaper publishers.The word “Yellow Journalism” in journalism came from the end of the nineteenth century. Yellow journalism is the result of an ominous competition by Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. In 1883, Pulitzer bought a newspaper called New York World. The previous owner of the magazine was Jay Gold. On the other hand, William Randolph bought a magazine called The Journal in 1882 from Albert (Pulitzer's brother). But Pulitzer could not agree that the family member's magazine was left in the hands of Hearst.Then the “Cold war” began between William and Pulitzer. Pulitzer started publishing sensational and interesting news. Then, he hired a cartoonist on his paper named Richard F. Outcault. He drew a cartoon on the first page of the New York World called "Yellow Kid" or "Yellow Boy". And used it to say many things from social incompatibility to bias. Then it became increasingly attractive to readers. Then, the cartoonist was hired by Hearst for too much money. The New York World's best journalists with the greed of big pay also pulled in their own newspapers. Then sadly it turned to the conflict between them.

The two newspapers began publishing baseless, scandals, fake news etc as much as possible. Then they started losing their values. As a consequence, they created a terrible world. People started following blind imitations. Without doing any research after having the news to hand,they start arguing each with others. As a result, many conflicts begin rising up in the world.Getting fake news from paper, people get into various problems.

Thus, the “Yellow Journalism” was created.

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