Patharkuchi is one of the medicinal plants that have been used in medicine since ancient times. Patharkuchi leaves also called Miracle leaves.  Let's discuss why Patharkuchi is called ancient times medicine?

Its scientific name is Kalanchoe Pinnata. But there is a lot of local name of Kalanchoe Pinnata. Bangladeshi people called it Koppat, Patharkuchi, Gatrapuri etc. Indian people called it Pather Chat, Paan-Frutti, Kaadubasale, Elachedi, Ilamulachi, Ranapala, Runa Kalli etc. In English  American Life Plant, Air plant, Hawaiian air plant, Life plant, Floppers, Good luck leaf etc.

Medicinal properties of Patharkuchi

Patharkuchi has a lot of Medicinal properties. Some of them Astringent, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Cytotoxic, Disinfectant etc.

Astringent: It helps to stop bleeding and causes contraction of skin cells and tissues of the body.

Analgesic: That helps to relieve pain.

Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.

Cytotoxic: That helps to prevent cancer.

Disinfectant: That Destroys bacteria.

Benefits of  Patharkuchi

Patharkuchi use as a folk medicine in India, China, Australia, tropical America and tropical Africa. According to medical scientists, Patharkuchi is especially useful in various diseases.

To removal  kidney stones

Patharkuchi leaves help in removing kidney and gallbladder stones. Chew 2 to 3 leaves twice a day or take it by making juice.

To cure cholera and diarrhea

The use of Patharkuchi leaves to cure cholera and diarrhea is very old. Use 2-5 ml Patharkuchi leaves juice with 4-10 ml Ghee and 3 gm Cumin powder helps to reduce cholera and diarrhea.

To cure Jaundice

Patharkuchi leaves are the great medicine for jaundice. Fresh Patharkuchi leaves and its juice is very useful to protect against any liver problems.

To control high blood pressure

Patharkuchi leaves are very useful in controlling high blood pressure and reducing bladder problems.

To reduce abdominal pain in children

Many times the children have abdominal pain. In this case, if 30-40 drops of the juice of Patharkuchi leaves lightly massaged in the baby's stomach, the stomach pain will get better. But you have to be sure whether it is abdominal pain or not.

To skincare

Patharkuchi leaves contain a lot of water. If you have acne and small boils, you can apply Patharkuchi leaves on the face. In this case, not only acne but also skin burns, but Patharkuchi leaf paste works very well.

How to grow the Patharkuchi plant?

Patharkuchi tree is born from the leaves. The colour of the leaves is green. This tree grows to a maximum height of 1.5-2 feet. Patharkuchi leaves are thick and smooth. These leaves have small grooves around them, almost oval in shape. If the crushed leaves are buried in the ground, it becomes a tree. This tree grows quickly in wet places. It is possible to produce 5 to 10 trees from one leaf. Patharkuchi leaves are called Bryophyllum in the scientific world.

Epiphyllous buds are present in the grooves of the leaves of this tree, it has the ability to grow roots and stems. A hormone called Cytokinin accumulates at the edges of the leaves, stimulating cell division and producing roots.

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