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What is happening in Jerusalem (Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood)

What is happening in Jerusalem (Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood)
What is happening in Jerusalem (Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood)

Do you not think that this world, which I can call the "dirty world", must intervene in this issue and that the Jews (I mean the Zionists) should leave Palestine and return to where they came from?

Has the world become biased towards them instead of taking sides with the core issue? I don't think governments will really understand that. All of them, without exception, are concerned only with their interests.

Here is what the Israeli Zionist media is hiding from you:

They tell you that the Palestinians and the people of Jerusalem are saboteurs and seek destruction, but wait a moment and ask yourself a question: Will I defend my home, my children, and my family, or let them steal it and destroy it or expel you from it and make another person live in your place? I think this answer is sufficient and your understanding of the question is the answer in itself.

What is happening is the result of our Arab silence on our first and last cause, and it is the holiest place for Muslims and Christians alike.

What the Arabs and Palestinians want is the exit of the Israelis from Palestine. They have no place in Jerusalem or Palestine. We are looking for peace, but without usurping and destroying our lands. Our rulers represent themselves only in this case. More than a billion and a half Muslims, a billion Christians, and every Arab citizen do not want the establishment of the State of Israel in our lands.

I will show you some photos and video clips of what the Israeli occupation was doing in Jerusalem